Dorothy Christy

Born: 05/25/1906 in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (31)

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath 1931 (Movie)

Angelica Embrey (Actor)

Big Business Girl (Movie)

Mrs. Emery (Actor)

Big Money (Movie)

Leila (Actor)

Bright Eyes (Movie)

Anita Smythe (Actor)

Convicted (Movie)

Constance Forbes (Actor)

Dream Girl (Movie)

Mollie Hand (Actor)

East Side of Heaven (Movie)

Mrs. Henry Smith (Actor)

Fashion Model (Movie)

Mme. Celeste (Actor)

Gold Dust Gertie (Movie)

Mabel (Actor)

Junior Miss (Movie)

Mrs. Cummings (Actor)

Lawyer Man (Movie)

Chorus Girl (Actor)

Little Giant (Movie)

Wife (Actor)

Love Is News (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Man Against Man (Movie)

Mrs. Morton (Actor)

Only Yesterday (Movie)

Rena (Actor)

Second Hand Wife (Movie)

Rose Bray (Actor)

Silver River (Movie)


Six-Day Bike Rider (Movie)

Mrs. St. Clair (Actor)

Slave Ship (Movie)

Blonde (Actor)

Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

So This Is London (Movie)

Lady Amy Ducksworth (Actor)

Sweethearts (Movie)


The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Movie)

Mrs. Chadwick (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Senorita (Movie)

Lulubelle (Actor)

The Devil and the Deep (Movie)

Mrs. Crimp (Actor)

The Falcon and the Co-Eds (Movie)

Maya Harris (Actor)

The Magnificent Rogue (Movie)


The Unfaithful (Movie)

Mrs. Freedley (Actor)

The Youngest Profession (Movie)

Sally (Actor)

Union Depot (Movie)

Society Woman (Actor)

Weekend at the Waldorf (Movie)

Cashier (Actor)


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