Dorothy Grainger


Actor (29)

Show Boat 1936 (Movie)


Black Angel (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Deadline at Dawn (Movie)

Ticket Girl (Actor)

Diamond Jim (Movie)


Dramatic School (Movie)

Fat girl (Actor)

Here Come the Co-Eds (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Honky Tonk (Movie)

Saloon Girl (Actor)

In Society (Movie)

Hysterical Woman (Actor)

Killer Dill (Movie)

Millie (Actor)

Knickerbocker Holiday (Movie)

Barmaid (Actor)

Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (Movie)

Mrs. Brown (Actor)

New Moon (Movie)

Fat Bridesmaid (Actor)

Night World (Movie)


One Body Too Many (Movie)

Mona (Actor)

One Minute to Zero (Movie)


Only Yesterday (Movie)

Sally (Actor)

Practically Yours (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Sealed Verdict (Movie)

Edna Brown (Actor)

Shadows over Chinatown (Movie)

Joan Mercer (Actor)

Take a Letter, Darling (Movie)

Switchboard Operator (Actor)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (Movie)

Receptionist (Actor)

The Fighting Fool (Movie)

Nina (Actor)

The Jade Mask (Movie)

Stella (Actor)

The Nitwits (Movie)

Phyllis (Actor)

The Road Back (Movie)

French Girl (Actor)

The Runaround (Movie)

Desk Clerk (Actor)

The Shopworn Angel (Movie)

Dancer (Actor)

The Sign of the Cross (Movie)


The Southerner (Movie)

Party Girl (Actor)