Dorothy Peterson

Born: 12/25/1897


Actor (15)

Seed of Innocence 1981 (Movie)

Nun (Actor)

That Hagen Girl 1947 (Movie)


Canyon Passage 1946 (Movie)

Mrs. Dance (Actor)

Mr. Skeffington 1945 (Movie)

Manby (Actor)

The Woman in the Window 1943 (Movie)

Mrs Wanley (Actor)

This Is the Army 1942 (Movie)


Saboteur 1941 (Movie)


Too Many Husbands 1939 (Movie)


Women in War 1939 (Movie)

Sister Frances (Actor)

Dark Victory 1938 (Movie)

Miss Wainwright (Actor)

Girls on Probation 1938 (Movie)


Breaking the Ice 1937 (Movie)

Annie Decker (Actor)

Hunted Men 1937 (Movie)

Mary Harris (Actor)

I'm No Angel 1932 (Movie)

Thelma (Actor)

Payment Deferred 1931 (Movie)