Doug Beswick


Visual Effects & Animation (33)

Piranha 3-D 2010 (Movie)

(Flat Earth Productions, Inc.) (Visual Effects Producer)

Fanboys 2009 (Movie)

2D Compositor(Neo Digital) (2-D Artist)

Unbeatable Harold 2009 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Supervisor)

American Pie Presents Beta House 2006 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Neo Digital) (Digital Effects)

Click 2006 (Movie)

Mechanic(Rick Baker/Cinovation Studios Crew) (Mechanical Special Effects)

Feast 2006 (Movie)

3D/2D Animation and Compositor (Animation Supervisor)

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile 2005 (Movie)

3D/2D Animator and Compositor(Neo Digital) (3-D Animator)

Herbie: Fully Loaded 2005 (Movie)

Previsualization(Hammerhead Productions) (Visual Effects)

The Hebrew Hammer 2003 (Movie)

(Cantina Pictures) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Frailty 2002 (Movie)

3D Animation Supervisor (3-D Animator)

Family Under Siege 2001 (Movie)

Miniature Effects Supervisor(Miniature Effects Unit) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Family Under Siege 2001 (Movie)

(Visual Effects)

Frank Herbert's Dune 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Scary Movie 2 2001 (Movie)

(Cantina Pictures) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Xena: Warrior Princess 1995 - 2001 (TV Show)

3-D Animator

Crime and Punishment in Suburbia 2000 (Movie)

digital visual effects producer(Flat Earth Productions/digital visual effects) (Visual Effects)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 1994 - 2000 (TV Show)

Animation Supervisor

Blade 1998 (Movie)

3-D animation supervisor(Flat Earth Productions/digital visual effects) (Animation Supervisor)

Young Hercules 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

Animation Supervisor

Mortal Kombat: The Annihilation 1997 (Movie)

3-D animation supervisor(Flat Earth Productions Inc) (Animation Supervisor)

Cabin Boy 1994 (Movie)

stop-motion animation supervisor(Doug Beswick Productions) (Animation Supervisor)

Ticks 1993 (Movie)

(Special Effects Coordinator)

Drop Dead Fred 1991 (Movie)

stop motion animator (Animator)

Darkman 1990 (Movie)

mechanical design (Mechanical Special Effects)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child 1989 (Movie)

Supervisor(Doug Beswick Productions) (Visual Effects Supervisor)

After Midnight 1989 (Movie)

stop motion animation (Animator)

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part III: Dream Warriors 1987 (Movie)

stop-motion animation (Animator)

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn 1987 (Movie)

stop motion animator(Dance) (Animator)

Creature 1985 (Movie)

miniature construction (Miniatures)

The Howling 1981 (Movie)

special mechanical effects (Mechanical Special Effects)

Crocodile (TV Show)

Animation Supervisor

Frozen Impact (TV Show)

Animation Supervisor

Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke (TV Show)

Visual Effects Supervisor
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (2)

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 1984 (Movie)

special makeup effects assistant (Special Makeup Effects)

Star Wars 1977 (Movie)

Producer (1)

Final Voyage 1998 (Movie)

(Co-Executive Producer)
Art Department (1)

Ghostbusters 1984 (Movie)

mechanism design (Production Designer)
Executive (1)

Monster in the Closet 1987 (Movie)

monster crew supervisor (Supervisor)
Other (6)

The Mouse and the Motorcycle 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Aliens 1986 (Movie)

mechanical armature design (Other)

Creature 1985 (Movie)

Titan Find Creature coordinator (Other)

The Empire Strikes Back 1980 (Movie)

stop-motion technician (Other)

Ralph S. Mouse (TV Show)


Runaway Ralph (TV Show)