Doug Zablocki


Visual Effects & Animation (10)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 (Movie)

(MPC) (Digital Artist)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016 (Movie)

(Industrial Light and Magic) (Digital Artist)

The Finest Hours 2016 (Movie)

(MPC) (Digital Artist)

Goosebumps 2015 (Movie)

(MPC) (Digital Artist)

I, Frankenstein 2014 (Movie)

(Rising Sun) (Compositor)

Jersey Boys 2014 (Movie)

(MPC) (Visual Effects)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2014 (Movie)

(MPC) (Digital Artist)

Oz: The Great and Powerful 2013 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (Compositor)

The Great Gatsby 2013 (Movie)

(Animal Logic) (Digital Artist)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 (Movie)

Plate Prep/Stereo Precomp Artist(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (Visual Effects)