Douglas’ pride over America’s Haiti help

The legendary movie star has been moved by the efforts made by Americans since the tremor devastated the nation earlier this month (12Jan10).

On Friday (22Jan10), George Clooney’s Hope For Haiti Now telethon raised more than $57 million (£35.6 million) for the relief effort, while stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bundchen and Sandra Bullock have all offered huge cash sums to help the people of the devastated nation overcome the tragedy.

And Douglas is pleased the U.S. has been so forthcoming in its response to the earthquake.

Taking to his online blog, he writes, “I’m so proud of America. The response to the catastrophe in Haiti was overwhelming. I like to think of our country as being the first to respond to any tragedy in the world.

“Many countries look at us as arrogant. To counteract that, we must show that we believe in helping everyone, no matter what country, no matter what religion, no matter if they hate us or love us. This is the spirit of our country for all the world to see.”