Dr. Drew Claims Amy Winehouse Contacted Him Before Her Death

amy winehouseBecause the toxicology reports from Amy Winehouse‘s autopsy will not be revealed for another 2-4 weeks, people have now moved on from trying to figure out what killed her and are now focusing on whether or not her addictions could have been lessened through intensive therapy. Not many medical professionals have spoken out about the subject except to express their apologies to Amy’s family, but yesterday, our very own Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab fame took it one step further and in a radio interview, said that Amy Winehouse contacted him a few days before she died. He also claimed that because he was so busy with his work schedule, he was never able to return Amy’s phone calls. He told Kevin & Bean of KROQ, “I found out also yesterday that, believe it or not, she was trying to contact me, which is weird. Janice Dickinson told me that. I remember getting these calls from Europe and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ and Janice goes, ‘It was Amy.’ We could have maybe gotten her over to someplace really good, but again, more sadness to that story.”

Now, because Dr. Drew’s medical profession revolves around celebrities and their troubles (which has made him somewhat of a celebrity himself as a result), it’s hard to take him and his expertise seriously because it all just seems like he’s in it for the fame. What also makes his assertion that Amy Winehouse tried to contact him is his history of speaking about people’s problems without ever having treated them. For instance in April of 2010, a reporter from RadarOnline.com asked Dr. Drew what he would do to get Lindsay Lohan sober. He said, “If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested. I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail. I would then to go the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety plan.” He continued, “I would say it’s less than a 1% chance of her making the decision to go to rehab. I have said this many times before, I believe that Lindsay will make a wonderful sober person, someday, if she survives this. I absolutely wish no harm on her, but I just have a feeling that something awful is going to happen to her, like she is going to lose a limb. I hope Lindsay gets help before something terrible happens.” What’s curious is that instead of Dr. Drew answering the question by detailing what kinds of treatment programs he’d recommend Lindsay participate in, he harshly inserted himself in her life and explained how he’d frame her so that she’d go to jail and get sober there. It’s just incredibly interesting that someone who has a show on VH1 that emphasizes how it requires comprehensive therapy to overcome addiction would suddenly talk about planting evidence in someone’s car so they’d go to jail, where they probably wouldn’t receive any kind of treatment at all. And so you can see how Dr. Drew’s incredibly negative statements about Lindsay Lohan (who’s relapsed more times than she can count) don’t really make him out to be best person for Amy Winehouse to have consulted (if she in fact tried to). It almost makes him look like he doesn’t even care about addicts at all.

Unfortunately for Dr. Drew, we will probably know whether or not Amy Winehouse really contacted him for help, so what seems like what was an attempt at gaining credibility has failed. Janice Dickinson, however, has also said that Amy tried to contact her on Wednesday, but it’s too bad that’s not very much of a reputable source.

Source: AOL TV, Radar Online