Drew Shields


Visual Effects & Animation (15)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2014 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

The Giver 2014 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

The Maze Runner 2014 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

Ender's Game 2013 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

Red 2 2013 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Matchmove Artist)

The Lone Ranger 2013 (Movie)

(Industrial Light & Magic) (Digital Artist)

Warm Bodies 2013 (Movie)

Tracking Lead(Look Effects) (Visual Effects)

Red 2010 (Movie)

(CIS Vancouver) (Matchmove Artist)

Salt 2010 (Movie)

Matchmover(CIS Vancouver) (Visual Effects)

Invictus 2009 (Movie)

CG Artist(CIS Visual Effects Group Vancouver) (CGI Artist)

Tropic Thunder 2008 (Movie)

Matchmove Artist(CIS Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Vantage Point 2008 (Movie)

Matchmove Artist(Rainmaker Animation and Visual Effects) (Digital Effects Artist)

Blades of Glory 2007 (Movie)

Matchmover(Rainmaker) (Digital Effects Artist)

Dr. Dolittle 3 2005 (Movie)

Match Mover(Rainmaker) (Digital Effects)