Duchess Sarah Ferguson ‘Out of Control’ At Time of Scandal

sarah fergusonIn an interview that airs today, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson (from here on out she’ll be “Duch Fergie”) told Oprah the reason why she was caught on tape selling “access” to her ex-husband (Prince Andrew) for $725,000 was because she was trying to help a friend who needed $38,000. As for the extra $687,000, well…that was going to be her payment for the bothersome task of having to drink some wine in a fancy hotel room and talk about the Queen. I mean it was going to go towards her own debt. That’s what I mean.

Duch Fergie also said the reason why she hashed out the plan in the first place was because she was “so out of control with desperation where [she’d] reached a point of no return.” Right, that’s fine. I suppose if I really wanted an ice-cream sandwich…like really badly…I’d be willing to sell my ex-husband’s “services” or “access” in order to get it. Because he’d be my ex-husband! What would I care?

This isn’t whole thing isn’t entirely surprising, since Duch Fergie is documented as living way beyond her means. She enjoys staying out late, topless beaches, and engaging in extramarital affairs — all of which are terribly expensive. Of course part of this is sad, but so is a day when I don’t get my ice cream.

Source: People