Duchess Sarah Ferguson To Get Docu-Series

ALTEverybody’s favorite redhead who’s always two steps away from bribing someone, Sarah Ferguson, might be getting her own reality TV show. Can ya dig it? I certainly can, because bribery is the base level on the pyramid of class!

Oprah’s network, OWN, released a statement yesterday that said, “We have had initial conversations with Sarah Ferguson about a docu-series,” but stopped short of telling us anything juicy or sweet, like if she’d be rewarded with a spot back in the royal family if she successfully bribed a hot dog vendor or the line judge of a tennis match. She’s clearly a competitive broad, and Oprah and her OWNers would be foolish not to capitalize on it in some way.

The original Fergie still has yet to say yes to the idea, but she’s expected to because it’ll be filmed in the states, which means she’ll get the chance to win back the tens of supporters she had here before she tried to sell a reporter access to her ex-husband for $500,000.

Of course, it makes sense Oprah would seek Fergie out and present her with this opportunity because for some reason, she was particularly interested in Fergie’s unfavorable actions (which she blamed on alcohol consumption, another topic Oprah is sensitive to). But let’s be real here: this will happen, it will be great, Fergie will dye her hair even redder, and there will be precisely 8 references to how horrendous the Royal Family is, of which only 2 will be factually accurate. But it won’t matter because we’ll eat it up quicker than we would if we’d been given the opportunity to swim with Michael Phelps for the small price of sleeping with his coach.

Source: NYP