Dury movie helped grieving process

The movie stars Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis as Dury and its release coincides with the tenth anniversary of Dury’s death from cancer.

Serkis was granted access to Dury’s widow Sophie and his four children as he prepared to take on the role, and he has stayed close to them since.

And the star insists the filmmaking process and the end product have helped the family grieve.

The actor tells WENN, “I think it has been cathartic for them.

“Every year, on the anniversary of his death, the family go to a memorial bench in Richmond Park in London. The bench has a solar panel that you can plug headphones into and listen to Ian’s music. Every year on the anniversary, they go there and have a picnic and celebrate him.

“But when the anniversary came around this year, they didn’t feel the need to go.”

Serkis adds the family were so thrilled with the end product, they handed Serkis and the filmmakers gifts from his estate.

He reveals, “We all went for a meal with his family last week, and we were all given individual Ian’s handwritten lyrics.”