Dwayne Carter


Music (11)

Million Dollar Arm 2014 (Movie)

("Successful") (Song)

Step Up All In 2014 (Movie)

("My Homies Still") (Song)

The Interview 2014 (Movie)

("A Milli") (Song)

Fast & Furious 6 2013 (Movie)

("Ball") (Song)

Sunlight Jr. 2013 (Movie)

("Dark Shades") (Song)

The Bling Ring 2013 (Movie)

("9 Piece") (Song)

A Thousand Words 2012 (Movie)

("Lollipop") (Song)

Lottery Ticket 2010 (Movie)

("I Can Transform Ya") (Song)

Dance Flick 2009 (Movie)

("Turnin Me On") (Song)

I Love You, Beth Cooper 2009 (Movie)

("Let It Rock") (Song)

The Wrestler 2008 (Movie)

"Stuntin' Like My Daddy" (Song)
Producer (1)

Son of a Gun 2010 - 2011 (Tv Show)

Executive Producer