Eddie Cibrian Rushed to Hospital After ‘The Playboy Club’ Set Injury

It was a hard day for the cast of The Playboy Club on Tuesday when NBC announced their show was the first one to be canceled this season. But it turns out Playboy star Eddie Cibrian received a double dose of suffering that day. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the actor was injured on the Chicago set of the show yesterday, suffering from a deep gash on his right heel after he caught it under a 200-lb. steel door. Ouch. Cibrian — also known as the husband to country singer LeAnn Rimes — was immediately rushed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, but no other details are available at this time.

Let’s hope Eddie’s insurance will cover this little accident (how long does it take for your insurance to cut out once your show goes off the air?) Or perhaps he’ll be looking to sue the NBC crew for making the set unfit to walk around on, although it might not do him any good since the show isn’t exactly rolling in the dough. The Playboy Club premiered to poor reviews and even poorer ratings on September 20th and continued to nosedive in viewership over the following two weeks. The network is continuing to film, however, in the hopes of selling the series to another network. Maybe they’re trying to take Hugh Hefner‘s advice. Let’s just hope they can get their leading man back in one piece.

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Source: People, Chicago Sun-Times