Eddie Hart


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The Mayor of 44th Street 1941 (Movie)


Baby, Take a Bow (Movie)

Sgt. of Detectives (Actor)

Deadline at Dawn (Movie)

Policeman (Actor)

If You Knew Susie (Movie)

Burly Man (Actor)

Jackass Mail (Movie)


Johnny Angel (Movie)

Seedy Sailor (Actor)

Love Crazy (Movie)


Manhattan Melodrama (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Navy Blue and Gold (Movie)

Official (Actor)

No More Ladies (Movie)

Taxi Driver (Actor)

Nob Hill (Movie)


Nora Prentiss (Movie)


Pick a Star (Movie)

Benny the Chauffeur (Actor)

Public Enemy's Wife (Movie)


Rhythm of the Saddle (Movie)

Alec (Actor)

Special Agent (Movie)

Cop (Actor)

The Golden Arrow (Movie)

Steward (Actor)

The Last Alarm (Movie)

Dick Roberts (Actor)

The Toast of New York (Movie)