Eddie Peng

Born: 03/24/1982


Actor (14)

The Great Wall 2017 (Movie)


Call of Heroes 2016 (Movie)

Ma Fung (Actor)

Cold War 2 2016 (Movie)

Joe Lee (Actor)

Operation MeKong 2016 (Movie)


Rise of the Legend 2016 (Movie)


The Last Women Standing 2015 (Movie)


To the Fore 2015 (Movie)


Back in Time 2014 (Movie)


Tai Chi Hero 2013 (Movie)

Fang Zi Jing (Actor)

Cold War 2012 (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

Love 2012 (Movie)

Kai (Actor)

Tai Chi Zero 2012 (Movie)

Fang Zijing (Actor)

Unbeatable 2012 (Movie)


Ai de fa sheng lian xi 2008 (Movie)

A-Liang (Actor)