Edith Scob

Born: 10/21/1937


Actor (45)

Le Cancre 2016 (Movie)

Sarah (Actor)

Things to Come 2016 (Movie)

Yvette (Actor)

Gemma Bovery 2015 (Movie)

Madame De Bressigny (Actor)

Le règne de la beauté 2014 (Movie)

Edwige (Actor)

Holy Motors 2012 (Movie)

Céline (Actor)

Ou Va La Nuit 2011 (Movie)


Je te mangerais 2009 (Movie)


Summer Hours 2009 (Movie)

Helene Berthier (Actor)

Heartbeat Detector 2008 (Movie)

Lucy Just (Actor)

Visiting 2008 (Movie)


Komma 2006 (Movie)

Helene (Actor)

Suzanne 2006 (Movie)

Mado (Actor)

L' Annulaire 2005 (Movie)


Bon Voyage 2004 (Movie)

Madame Arbesault (Actor)

La Mentale: The Code 2004 (Movie)

Mireille (Actor)

Man on the Train 2003 (Movie)

Sister of Manesquier (Actor)

Brotherhood of the Wolf 2002 (Movie)

Madame de Morangias (Actor)

Ce jour-là 2002 (Movie)


Savage Souls 2002 (Movie)

First Woman at the Wake (Actor)

Vidocq 2001 (Movie)

Sylvia (Actor)

La Chambre des magiciennes 2000 (Movie)

Claire's Mother (Actor)

La Chambre obscure 2000 (Movie)


La Fidelite 2000 (Movie)

Diane (Actor)

Son of Two Mothers Or the Comedy of Innocence 2000 (Movie)

Laurence (Actor)

Time Regained 2000 (Movie)

Oriane de Guermantes (Actor)

Venus Beauty Institute (French) 2000 (Movie)

Client with Spots on Her Hands (Actor)

The Lovers on the Bridge 1999 (Movie)

Woman--The Couple in Car (Actor)

Un Air Si Pur 1997 (Movie)

Miss Sophie (Actor)

Jeanne la Pucelle 1994 (Movie)

Jeanne de Bethune (Actor)

Casa de Lava 1993 (Movie)

Edite (Actor)

La Cavale des Fous 1993 (Movie)


On peut toujours rever 1991 (Movie)

Solange DeBollesve (Actor)

Rue du Bac 1991 (Movie)

Judith (Actor)

Bapteme 1989 (Movie)

Rosalie (Actor)

One Deadly Summer 1983 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Le Dernier Melodrame 1979 (Movie)


La Vocation Suspendue 1976 (Movie)

1st Mother Angelique (Actor)

A chacun son enfer 1975 (Movie)

La Folle (Actor)

Le Vieille Fille 1970 (Movie)

Edith (Actor)

The Milky Way 1969 (Movie)

The Virgin (Actor)

Un Beau Monstre 1969 (Movie)

Sylvie (Actor)

Thomas the Imposter 1964 (Movie)

The Nurse (Actor)

The Burning Court 1963 (Movie)

Marie Boissard (Actor)

Eyes Without a Face 1961 (Movie)

Christiane (Actor)

Therese Desqueyroux 1961 (Movie)

Anne de la Trave (Actor)