Edmund Cobb

Born: 06/23/1892


Actor (20)

Johnny Reno 1965 (Movie)

Townsman (Actor)

The Bounty Killer 1965 (Movie)

Townsman (Actor)

Dragstrip Girl 1957 (Movie)


Motorcycle Gang 1957 (Movie)

Bill (Actor)

The Amazing Colossal Man 1957 (Movie)


Lucy Gallant 1955 (Movie)


One Desire 1955 (Movie)

Driver (Actor)

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 1955 (Movie)

Jury Foreman (Actor)

The Oklahoma Woman 1955 (Movie)


Broken Lance 1954 (Movie)

Court Clerk (Actor)

Ma and Pa Kettle at Home 1954 (Movie)

Jefferson (Actor)

River of No Return 1954 (Movie)

Barber (Actor)

The Egyptian 1954 (Movie)

Patient in Dispensary (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Anchor Rider (Actor)

Brute Force 1947 (Movie)

Bradley (Actor)

Law of the Canyon 1947 (Movie)


Double Indemnity 1944 (Movie)

Train Conductor (Actor)

The Missing Juror 1944 (Movie)

Police Detective Cahan (Actor)

Sergeant Murphy 1938 (Movie)


Tracy Rides 1933 (Movie)