Edouard Valton


Visual Effects & Animation (7)

Asterix at the Olympic Games 2008 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Babylon A.D. 2008 (Movie)

VFX Production Manager(Duran Duboi) (Visual Effects Producer)

Caramel 2008 (Movie)

(Visual Effects)

Hannibal Rising 2007 (Movie)

Executive in Charge of Special Effects (Special Effects)

Hitman 2007 (Movie)

VFX Production Manager(Duboi) (Visual Effects Producer)

I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster 2007 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

La Chambre Des Morts 2007 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)
Production Management (6)

Upside Down 2013 (Movie)

(Buf) (Production Manager)

Thor 2011 (Movie)

(BUF) (Production Manager)

The Fall 2008 (Movie)

(Visual Effects/Duboi) (Production Manager)

Amélie 2001 (Movie)

(Production Supervisor)

The Man Who Cried 2001 (Movie)

special effects production manager (Production Manager)

The Ninth Gate 2000 (Movie)

(Duboi Special Digital Effects) (Production Supervisor)
Producer (1)

Alien Resurrection 1997 (Movie)

(digital visual effects/Duboi--Paris) (Producer)