Edward Furlong

Actor, Singer, Musician
A decade after his star-making role in James Cameron's action blockbuster "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991), former teen actor Edward Furlong's rap sheet and reported drug use served as a cautionary tale of the ... Read more »
Born: 08/02/1977 in Glendale, California, USA


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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 (Movie)

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A decade after his star-making role in James Cameron's action blockbuster "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991), former teen actor Edward Furlong's rap sheet and reported drug use served as a cautionary tale of the downside of young success in Hollywood. Teen magazines turned Furlong into an idol following the success of "T2," but the novice actor went on to earn the genuine respect of critics for a number of performances as hardened yet fragile teens in "American Heart" (1993) as well as "American History X" (1998), a graphic and controversial drama about young neo-Nazi brothers. Furlong was afforded a few opportunities to showcase a surprisingly funny and lighthearted, awkward charm in John Waters' "Pecker" (1998) and the rock 'n' roll cult hit, "Detroit Rock City" (1999), but by the time the actor reached 20 years old, it was clear that his life off-camera bore an unfortunate similarity to the conflicted, searching characters he embodied so well. From the box office top shelf, Furlong would slide into the junior leagues with a parade of straight-to-video horror films that elicited as much sympathy as Furlong's troubled teen roles, but for different reasons.


Rachael Bella Actor

Met when they co-starred in "Jimmy & Judy" (2005) Married April 19, 2006 Bella filed for divorce in July 2009 She was granted a temporary restraining order against Furlong in September 2009, after complaining his drug use was out of control and he had become violent towards her

Jolene Blalock Actor

Dated for several months No longer together

Jacqueline Domac

Met while filming "Terminator 2" (1991) Became involved when she tutored him in "A Home of Our Own" (1993) Lived together from 1993-98 Split in 1999 with Domac suing Furlong for part of his earnings

Ethan Furlong

Born Sept. 21, 2006; mother, Rachael Bella

Sean Furlong

Half-brother of Eleanor Torres; Furlong moved in with him and Nancy Tafoya in summer of 1990 Won guardianship in September 1991 Lost it to his mother in August 1993

Paris Hilton Actor

Briefly dated 2000 No longer together

Natasha Lyonne Actor

Became involved during filming "Detroit Rock City" (1999) Broke up in summer 2000

Nancy Tafoya

Sister of Eleanor Torres; Furlong moved in with her and Sean Furlong in summer of 1990 Won guardianship in September 1991; lost it to his mother in August 1993

Eleanor Tafoya Torres


Moises Torres

Separated from Furlong's mother in 1989

Bobby Torres

Younger; son of Eleanor and Moises Torres


South Pasadena Junior High School

Pasadena, California

Elliot Junior High School

Glendale, California



Appeared in feature film remake of "The Green Hornet," starring Seth Rogen


Starred in the thriller "Dark Reel"


Co-starred in the independent feature "Jimmy & Judy"


Landed guest recurring role on "CSI: NY" (CBS) as character Shane Cacey


Co-starred with David Boreanaz and Tara Reid in "The Crow: Wicked Prayer"


Acted opposite Willem Dafoe in "Animal Factory," directed by Steve Buscemi


Starred as a dedicated KISS fan in the comedy "Detroit Rock City"


Featured as Edward Norton's young brother in "American History X"


Starred as a young photographer in the John Waters comedy "Pecker"


Appeared as a model in Calvin Klein print advertisements


Played an accused murderer in the drama "Before and After"


Received critical success for his work alongside Vanessa Redgrave and Tim Roth in "Little Odessa"


Starred in the film adaptation of Truman Capote's "The Grass Harp"


Starred in the virtual reality thriller "Brainscan"


Played Kathy Bates' oldest son in "A Home of Our Own"


Acted opposite Jeff Bridges in "American Heart"


Appeared in Aerosmith's music video "Living on the Edge"


Starred in the horror sequel "Pet Sematary Two"


TV debut in the NBC pilot, "Toonces, the Cat Who Could Drive a Car"


Made his film debut as John Connor in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Discovered by the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" casting director while attending the Boys Club of Pasadena during summer vacation

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Following his teen idol-making role in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991), Furlong released an album in Japan he later described as "the exact opposite of rock" and "a bad mistake." The actor said he had no further musical aspirations, although he did later study piano.


In September 2009 Furlong's wife Rachael Bella alleged that he was put "in lockdown after threatening suicide."


On Aug. 13, 2010, Furlong's wife obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor after he allegedly left her threatening voicemails. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge instructed Furlong to stay at least 100 yards away from Bella and their 3-year-old son Ethan.


On Jan. 11, 2011, Furlong was arrested for violating a restraining order keeping him away from his estranged wife.


Furlong was arrested on Oct. 30, 2012 at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly grabbing his girlfriend's arm. The actor was taken into custody and charged with felony domestic violence. He was again charged with a domestic violence attack on her that occurred on Nov. 21, 2012. Furlong was arrested a third time in January 2013 on suspicion of attacking his girlfriend. In March 2013, he was sentenced to six months in jail for violating probation.


He reportedly entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the fall of 2000.