Edward G Robinson

Golden Age Hollywood's ultimate O. G., Edward G. Robinson made a living as a "tough guy" in a raft of iterations, from hardboiled newspaperman to intrepid G-man. In real life soft-spoken, intellectual and selfless ... Read more »
Born: 12/12/1893 in Romania


Actor (81)

Entertaining the Troops 1987 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Night Gallery 1971 - 1973 (TV Show)


Soylent Green 1973 (Movie)

Sol Roth (Actor)

Neither By Day Nor By Night 1971 (Movie)

Father (Actor)

MacKenna's Gold 1969 (Movie)

Old Adams (Actor)

U.M.C. 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


The Biggest Bundle of Them All 1967 (Movie)

Professor Samuels (Actor)

The Cincinnati Kid 1965 (Movie)

Lancey Howard (Actor)

Cheyenne Autumn 1964 (Movie)

Carl Schurz (Actor)

Good Neighbor Sam 1963 (Movie)

Simon Nurdlinger (Actor)

Sammy Going South 1963 (Movie)

Cocky Wainwright (Actor)

The Outrage 1963 (Movie)

Con Man (Actor)

The Prize 1963 (Movie)

Dr Max Straman (Actor)

Zane Grey Theater 1956 - 1962 (TV Show)


My Geisha 1961 (Movie)

Sam Lewis (Actor)

Two Weeks in Another Town 1961 (Movie)

Maurice Kruger (Actor)

Playhouse 90 1956 - 1960 (TV Show)


The Devil and Daniel Webster 1959 - 1960 (TV Show)


The Lux Video Theater 1950 - 1960 (TV Show)


Seven Thieves 1959 (Movie)

Theo Wilkins (Actor)

A Hole in the Head 1958 (Movie)

Mario Manetta (Actor)

The Ten Commandments 1956 (Movie)

Dathan (Actor)

A Bullet For Joey 1955 (Movie)

Leduc (Actor)

Hell on Frisco Bay 1955 (Movie)

Victor Amato (Actor)

Illegal 1955 (Movie)

Victor Scott (Actor)

Operation Entertainment 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


Tight Spot 1955 (Movie)

Lloyd Hallett (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Lew Wilkison (Actor)

The Glass Web 1953 (Movie)

Henry Hayes (Actor)

Big Leaguer 1952 (Movie)

John B "Hans" Lobert (Actor)

Vice Squad 1952 (Movie)

Capt. 'Barnie' Barnaby (Actor)

All My Sons 1948 (Movie)

Joe Keller (Actor)

Key Largo 1948 (Movie)

Johnny Rocco (Actor)

Scarlet Street 1945 (Movie)

Christopher Cross (Actor)

Double Indemnity 1944 (Movie)

Barton Keyes (Actor)

The Woman in the Window 1943 (Movie)

Professor Richard Wanley (Actor)

Larceny, Inc. 1941 (Movie)

'Pressure' Maxwell (Actor)

Manpower 1940 (Movie)

Hank McHenry (Actor)

Brother Orchid 1939 (Movie)

Little John Sarto (Actor)

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1937 (Movie)

Dr Clitterhouse (Actor)

Kid Galahad 1936 (Movie)

Nick Donati (Actor)

Barbary Coast 1935 (Movie)

Chamalis (Actor)

Bullets or Ballots 1935 (Movie)

Johnny Blake (Actor)

Tiger Shark 1932 (Movie)

Mike Mascerena (Actor)

Little Caesar 1929 (Movie)

Caesar Enrico Bandello (Actor)

A Dispatch from Reuters (Movie)

Julius Reuter (Actor)

A Lady to Love (Movie)

Tony (Actor)

A Slight Case of Murder (Movie)

Remy Marco (Actor)

Actors and Sin (Movie)

Maurice Tilayou (Actor)

Blackmail (Movie)

John Ingram (Actor)

Confessions of a Nazi Spy (Movie)

Ed Renard (Actor)

Dark Hazard (Movie)

Jim Turner (Actor)

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (Movie)

Dr. Paul Ehrlich (Actor)

East Is West (Movie)

Charlie Yong (Actor)

Five Star Final (Movie)

Joseph Randall (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Marshall Tyler (Actor)

House of Strangers (Movie)

Gino Monetti (Actor)

I Am the Law (Movie)

John Lindsay (Actor)

I Loved a Woman (Movie)

John Hayden (Actor)

It's a Great Feeling (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Mr. Winkle Goes to War (Movie)

Wilbert George Winkle (Actor)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Movie)

John Triton (Actor)

Night Ride (Movie)

Tony Garotta (Actor)

Nightmare (Movie)

Rene Bressard (Actor)

Silver Dollar (Movie)

Yates Martin (Actor)

Tales of Manhattan (Movie)

Avery "Larry" L. Browne (Actor)

Tampico (Movie)

Capt. Bart Manson (Actor)

The Hatchet Man (Movie)

Wong Low Get (Actor)

The Last Gangster (Movie)

Joe Krozak (Actor)

The Little Giant (Movie)

James Francis "Bugs" Aheam (Actor)

The Man with Two Faces (Movie)

Damon Wells (Actor)

The Old Man Who Cried Wolf (TV Show)


The Red House (Movie)

Pete Morgan (Actor)

The Sea Wolf (Movie)

Wolf Larsen (Actor)

The Stranger (Movie)

Wilson (Actor)

The Widow from Chicago (Movie)

Dominic (Actor)

Thunder in the City (Movie)

Dan Armstrong (Actor)

Two Seconds (Movie)

John Allen (Actor)

Unholy Partners (Movie)

Bruce Corey (Actor)

Who Has Seen the Wind? (TV Show)


Whole Town's Talking (Movie)

Killer Mannion (Actor)


Golden Age Hollywood's ultimate O. G., Edward G. Robinson made a living as a "tough guy" in a raft of iterations, from hardboiled newspaperman to intrepid G-man. In real life soft-spoken, intellectual and selfless, Robinson would nevertheless imprint himself as cold-eyed Machiavellian thugs in such film classics as "Little Caesar" (1931), "The Sea Wolf" (1941) and "Key Largo" (1948) - though he could also single-handedly lift films with his rapid-fire comic timing, as with such screwball outings as "The Whole Town's Talking" (1935), and with colorful, cerebral supporting roles, as in "Double Indemnity" (1944). Able to command the screen by both verve and subtlety, he played his roles with such archetypal distinction and verbal flare that he would wind up inspiring a number of cartoon characters, from the shorts of Warner Bros. studio-mate Bugs Bunny while he was alive to lovably inept constable Chief Wiggum in American television's longest-running show, "The Simpsons" (Fox, 1989- ).


Morris Goldenberg


Francesca Robinson


had four some changed name to "Goldberg" and "Garber"

Sarah Goldenberg

died 1947

Gladys Lloyd

Married nearly 30 years before 1956 divorce Diagnosed as a manic depressive; died in 1971 after suffering a stroke

Jane Robinson Costume Designer

Married 1958 until his death Jan. 26, 1973

Edward Robinson

died in 1974 at age 40


City College of New York

New York , New York
attended on scholarship; member of Elizabethean Society

Columbia University

New York , New York

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

New York , New York
attended on scholarship

Townsend Hall High School

New York , New York



Last film, "Soylent Green"


Involved in near fatal automobile accident


Made first TV commercial, for Maxwell House Coffee


Worked in theater among other venues, starring on Broadway in "Middle of the Night"


Testified before HUAC; film career revived, first in "B" movies


Left Warner Brothers; next film for the studio would not be until "Key Largo" (1948)


Top stardom clinched with his appearance in the landmark Warner Brothers gangster film, "Little Caesar"


Began making regular film appearances; first film "A Hole in the Wall"


Appeared on Broadway in "The Racket", playing a character modeled on Al Capone; production also performed in Los Angeles


First film appearance in "The Bright Shawl"


Broadway debut


Began appearing in stock productions


Immigrated to USA at age 10

Named before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC); dark greylisted from 1948-52

Wrote, hosted and acted in radio show "Big Town"