Edward Laurence Albert

Actor, Musician, Composer
The son of TV and film star Eddie Albert and dancer-actress Margo, Edward Albert has worked steadily as an actor since the early 1970s. He made an adolescent debut in the feature "Fool Killer" (1965), then went back to ... Read more »
Born: 02/20/1951 in Los Angeles, California, USA


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Power Rangers 1993 - 2012 (TV Show)


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No Regrets 2004 - 2005 (TV Show)


Port Charles 1996 - 2004 (TV Show)


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Eddie Albert: A Passion For Life 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


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The son of TV and film star Eddie Albert and dancer-actress Margo, Edward Albert has worked steadily as an actor since the early 1970s. He made an adolescent debut in the feature "Fool Killer" (1965), then went back to school and didn't resume his career until undertaking the role of the blind hero opposite Goldie Hawn in the film version of Broadway's "Butterflies Are Free" (1972), winning a Golden Globe Award as Most Promising Male Newcomer. Albert went on to portray Liv Ullmann's youthful lover in "40 Carats" (1973) and appeared in "Midway" (1976) and "The Domino Principle (1977) before moving to Europe for " . . . a self-designed on-the-job training course. It gave me the freedom to choose roles without worrying how it would affect my career." After acting in the critically-acclaimed "Un Taxi mauve/The Purple Taxi" (1977) in France, he returned to the USA where his feature films have included "The Greek Tycoon" (1978, as Anthony Quinn's son), "When Time Ran Out" (1980), "Butterfly" (1981), "Getting Even" (1986) and the "The Underachievers" (1987).


Eddie Albert

born on April 22, 1908, film and TV star best-known for starring role on TV's "Green Acres" (CBS) was once blacklisted died at the age of 99 in 2005

Margo Albert

Mexican was once blacklisted married to Eddie Albert from 1945 until her death on July 17, 1985

Maria Albert

adopted sister

Laurence Olivier Actor

Albert's middle name is in honor of Olivier

Kate Woodville

married in 1975 until his death in 2006

Thais Woodville

of the rock band Sugar in Wartime


University of California at Los Angeles

Los Angeles , California

University of Oxford

Oxford , England
expelled for "an indiscretionary incident involving a rather attractive young lady"(Shakespeare and Russian poetry)



Co-starred with C. Thomas Howell in "Fighting Words"; film released after his death


Appeared as Mr. Collins in the children's series "Power Rangers Time Force"; credited as Edward Laurence Albert


Provided voice for The WB's animated sci-fi series "Invasion America", a Steven Spielberg-DreamWorks project


Again worked with father in "Illusion Infinity"


Portrayed manipulative surgeon Bennett Devlin on ABC daytime soap opera "Port Charles", a spin-off of "General Hospital"


Feature directorial debut, "Forbidden Planet", a remake of the 1950s classic; also starred


Seen as Captain Gray in Showtime movie "Space Marines"


Played Shirley MacLaine's son in "Guarding Tess"


Starred in "The Ice Runner", filmed in Moscow at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union


Worked with father on TV-movie "The Girl From Mars" (The Family Channel)


Played recurring role as Elliott Burch on CBS' "Beauty and the Beast"; became regular by final abbreviated season


Had regular role as crazed book publicist Jeff Wainwright in CBS drama "Falcon Crest"


Portrayed Phil Wharton in syndicated miniseries "Blood Feud" (directed by Mike Newell), depicting the battles between Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Kennedy


Starred on NBC series, "The Yellow Rose"


Cast as one of five Harvard roomates who are the subjects of the NBC miniseries "The Last Convertible"


Appeared in CBS movie "Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neill Story", starring Stockard Channing


Starred in NBC movie version of "Black Beauty", the ninth version of Anna Sewell's beloved animal classic


Played Nico Tomasis (Anthony Quinn's son) in feature "The Greek Tycoon", a thinly veiled fiction about the romance and marriage of Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy


Acted in the critically-acclaimed "Un Taxi Mauve/The Purple Taxi", which won the Golden Palm at Cannes


Portrayed Ensign Tom Garth as part of star-studded cast of "Midway"


TV-movie debut in "Killer Bees" (ABC), with Gloria Swanson


Reunited with "Butterflies" director Milton Katselas for "40 Carats"


First starring film role, "Butterflies Are Free", opposite Goldie Hawn


Served as production assistant on "Patton"


Film debut, "The Fool Killer", with Anthony Perkins

Put acting career aside for several years to care for his ailing father, who died in 2005

Bonus Trivia


Albert has a Black Belt in kenjutsu (sword fighting), in the Niten (Two Heaven Style), using long swords (katanas).


Extremely proud of his Latino origins (his mother Margo hailed from Mexico City), Albert helped found Plaza de la Raza, a community arts center that for 25 years has taught the arts to 500 Latino children a week. As of 1997, the complex at Plaza includes a 235-seat theater, two outdoor stages, a dance studio, art space and expansive classrooms.


Albert's earliest work as an environmentalist was as a member of the historic Berkeley expedition to Ana Capa Island which discovered decimation of eggs of pelican rookeries. Testing at Berkeley determined the eggs' thin shells resulted from DDT absorbed by parents, affecting calcium retention. These findings led directly to the banning of DDT and several other pesticides, as well as the indirect salvation of many then-endangered species. Albert also worked 15 years to preserve the 150 acre Escondido Canyon and legendary Escondido Falls (1000 foot waterfall called by THE WALKING GUIDE TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA the most beautiful in the region), resulting in the purchase of the canyon by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.


As a photo-journalist, Albert travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, publishing articles accompanied by his photographs, and also worked with a National Geographic photo assignment team at Native American ceremonials in the Southwestern United States. He has had sold-out exhibitions of his photography in both London and Los Angeles and is preparing the photo book "Sacred Vision", a bound edition of images of traditional Native American medicine animals. He has also championed the preservation of Native American sacred and habitation sites.


Albert made his London stage debut in "A Terribly Strange Bed", directed by Orson Welles, and his Los Angeles stage debut came as Fortinbras in the Gordon Davidson production of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" at the Mark Taper Forum. Among his other theatrical performances, he acted in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie" and in "Room Service", portrayed the same role in which Eddie Albert had made his stage debut years before.


Albert lives with his family in a home he built with his own hands from the ground up. Since 1985, he and wife Kate have operated an equestrian training and boarding facility at their ranch in Malibu. He has also received a Palisades Award and a Harriet Hugo Award for his poetry.


A musician and composer, Albert did studio work with such people as Rita Coolidge, Joni Mitchell, Glen Campbell, Booker T and Ry Cooder.