Elizabeth Banks Says Motherhood Won’t Keep Her From Acting

elizabeth banksSome actresses take a little break from acting once they have a child, since they want to spend time with their little bundle of spit up and think they need to focus on being responsible for another human life. Don’t fret though, Elizabeth Banks is not one of those actresses and isn’t about to let motherhood affect her budding career. While the new mother admits balancing her career and motherhood to a 5-month old son has been difficult and going “not that well,” she isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. Banks claims “I’m not really a break-taker…I’ll just keep on going, and then we’ll see. You do it. You push through just like any other working mom.”

Even though it’s completely insane to think that having a baby won’t affect your career for any amount of time, the actress does seem to be keeping busy in that department with The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You’re Expecting in the works. Banks does acknowledge that she understands why other moms take breaks in the workplace, stating “The thing about motherhood is it’s a full-time job and everything else gets piled onto it…I don’t think I ever really understood that until it came into my life. You put so much of your brain energy, and your emotional and psychological energy into, ‘Where is he? What is he doing?’ that it’s almost hard to concentrate on anything else.” Good luck with the balancing act Elizabeth and just remember — if you get in a jam use that husband of yours to help with child duty (that’s what they’re there for).

Source: People