Elizabeth Banks: The Downside to Being Effie


ALTWhile the big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games aims for a particularly high level of realism, the central conceit of the film is that there exists a wealthy slice of the population that is all about beauty, glamour and being way, way, way over-the-top. That’s Elizabeth Banks’ character Effie to the T, a PR expert for incoming Hunger Games tributes who makes herself up to near-clown levels.

Banks recently appeared on Ellen to dish on her Hunger Games role—which took a considerable amount of work to prepare each day. In a recent interview, it was revealed that the HG production team hired 45 stylists to create 450 wigs for the movie, and on set, would have to bleach the eyebrows of over 500 background extras. But even with special treatment, Banks’ Effie make up job took three hours to complete and the kicker were her fingernails (which Banks describes as “really cool, but completely impractical). Check out the clip below, to find out how Banks had to deal with the occasional and laborious bathroom breaks on set. Being an actress—not as easy as we all think:

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