Elizabeth Bracco


Actor (18)

Interview 2007 (Movie)

Woman at Restaurant (Actor)

Thirteen Moons 2001 (Movie)

Louise Potter (Actor)

Analyze This 1999 (Movie)

Marie Vitti (Actor)

The 24 Hour Woman 1999 (Movie)

Nurse (Actor)

Louis and Frank 1998 (Movie)

Angeline (Actor)

The Impostors 1998 (Movie)

Pancetta Leaky (Actor)

Somebody to Love 1996 (Movie)

Taxi Dancer (Actor)

Trees Lounge 1996 (Movie)

Theresa (Actor)

Closer to Home 1994 (Movie)

Alma (Actor)

Household Saints 1993 (Movie)

Fran (Actor)

Money for Nothing 1993 (Movie)

Eleanor Coyle (Actor)

In the Soup 1992 (Movie)

Hooker (Actor)

Jumpin at the Boneyard 1992 (Movie)

Cathy (Actor)

Mystery Train 1989 (Movie)

DeeDee (Actor)

Sons 1989 (Movie)

Janet (Actor)

Crime Story 1986 - 1988 (TV Show)


Stakeout 1987 (Movie)

Bar Waitress (Actor)

The Color of Money 1986 (Movie)

Diane at Bar (Actor)
Music (1)

The Impostors 1998 (Movie)

("(When We Are Dancing) I Get Ideas") (Song Performer)


Lorraine Bracco Actor

Born Oct. 2, 1954 Appeared with sister on HBO's "The Sopranos"