Elizabeth Gracen

Actor, Singer, Model
This willowy, exotic-looking brunette first came to national attention in 1982 when, representing her native Arkansas (and then known as Elizabeth Ward), was crowned Miss America. After her reign, she married her high ... Read more »
Born: 04/02/1960 in Booneville, Arkansas, USA


Actor (22)

Coherence 2014 (Movie)

Beth (Actor)

War of the Worlds: Goliath 2014 (Movie)


Charmed 2002 (Tv Show)


Strong Medicine 2001 (Tv Show)


Highlander: The Raven 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Highlander: The Series 1992 - 1998 (Tv Show)


Murder, She Wrote 1992 - 1998 (Tv Show)


Extreme 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Discretion Assured 1993 (Movie)


Final Mission 1993 (Movie)


Sidney Sheldon's "The Sands of Time" 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Lisa 1990 (Movie)

Mary (Actor)

Lower Level 1990 (Movie)

Hillary White (Actor)

Marked for Death 1990 (Movie)

Melissa (Actor)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Pass the Ammo 1988 (Movie)

Christie Lynn (Actor)

Sundown 1988 (Movie)

Alice (Actor)

Three For the Road 1987 (Movie)

Nadine (Actor)

83 Hours 'Til Dawn (TV Show)


Interceptor Force 2 (TV Show)


The Expert (TV Show)



This willowy, exotic-looking brunette first came to national attention in 1982 when, representing her native Arkansas (and then known as Elizabeth Ward), was crowned Miss America. After her reign, she married her high school sweetheart and concentrated on developing as an actress, studying at the HB Studio in NYC. Still billed as Elizabeth Ward, she made her feature debut in "Three for the Road" (1987) co-starring Charlie Sheen. Gracen continued on her career landing middling roles until the 1992 US Presidential campaign focused attention on an alleged incident in 1983 involving the then Attorney General of Arkansas Bill Clinton. She called a press conference to issue a denial, although the timing was questionable: within weeks she was featured in a nude pictorial in PLAYBOY. Whatever the case, work began flowing regularly her way. Gracen was cast as a gangster's daughter who enters a convent in the syndicated miniseries "Sidney Sheldon's 'The Sands of Time'" (1992) and she landed the recurring role of Amanda, a love interest for Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) in "Highlander: The Series". She made occasional guest appearances on "Murder, She Wrote" and had featured roles in films like "Lisa" (1990) and "Final Mission" (1994). Gracen was once again in the spotlight when a subpoena was issued for her by independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr who was investigating President Bill Clinton's affairs. As her work kept her out of the USA, she managed to avoid having to testify and she also issued a statement admitting to a consensual one-night affair with Clinton in 1983. Gracen reportedly had a second PLAYBOY layout planned and headlined the syndicated spin-off "Highlander: The Raven" (1998-99), revolving around her character of Amanda.


Pat Austin

no longer together reportedly racked up debts in Gracen's name jailed in Paris for fraud and embezzlement

William Clinton

Gracen had originally denied having a relationship in 1992 but later recanted and admitted to a one-night stand in 1983

Patricia Hampe


Brandon Hughes

married in 1989 divorced

James Ward

made bowling balls

Van Ward

born c. 1963

Margaret Ward

born c. 1969


University of Arkansas

was in her junior year when she was crowned Miss America

HB Studio

New York , New York
studied with Carol Rosenfeld

Russellville High School

Russellville , Arkansas 1979



Admitted in interviews that she had one night stand with then-State Attorney General Bill Clinton in 1982


Was a regular on the short-lived ABC adventure series "Extreme"


Had recurring role of Amanda on the syndicated "Highlander: The Series"


Posed for a nude layout in PLAYBOY


Called a press conference to deny she ever had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton


TV acting debut as a prostitute in the Showtime TV-movie "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"


Changed billing to Elizabeth Gracen for "Sundown"


Film acting debut opposite Charlie Sheen in "Three for the Road", credited as Elizabeth Ward


Crowned Miss America


Named Miss Arkansas

Starred in the spin-off "Highlander: The Raven"

Raised in Arkansas

Studied acting at the HB Studio in NYC

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"If the President of the United States was on the phone pulling strings for me, I'd be on 'Seinfeld'. I'm not standing on the front of the Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, am I?" --Elizabeth Gracen repsonding to charges that she landed an acting career in exchange for keeping quiet about her relationship with Bill Clinton


Gracen filed for bankruptcy in December 1999