Elizabeth Risdon

Born: 04/26/1887 in Wandsworth, England, GB


Actor (60)

Scaramouche 1952 (Movie)

Isabelle de Valmorin (Actor)

Bodyguard 1948 (Movie)


Every Girl Should Be Married 1948 (Movie)

Mary Nolan (Actor)

Life With Father 1947 (Movie)


Mourning Becomes Electra 1947 (Movie)

Mrs. Hills (Actor)

The Romance of Rosy Ridge 1947 (Movie)


In the Meantime, Darling 1944 (Movie)


The Canterville Ghost 1944 (Movie)

Mrs. Polverdine (Actor)

Tall in the Saddle 1943 (Movie)

Miss Elizabeth Martin (Actor)

Journey For Margaret 1941 (Movie)

Mrs Bailey (Actor)

Reap the Wild Wind 1941 (Movie)


High Sierra 1940 (Movie)

Ma (Actor)

The Howards of Virginia 1939 (Movie)


Cowboy From Brooklyn 1938 (Movie)


Girls on Probation 1938 (Movie)


The Roaring Twenties 1938 (Movie)


Mad About Music 1937 (Movie)

Annette Fusenot (Actor)

Mannequin 1937 (Movie)

Mrs. Cassidy (Actor)

They Won't Forget 1936 (Movie)


Theodora Goes Wild 1935 (Movie)

Aunt Mary (Actor)

Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Movie)

Sarah Lincoln (Actor)

Bunco Squad (Movie)

Jessica Royce (Actor)

Cobra Woman (Movie)


Craig's Wife (Movie)

Mrs. Landreth (Actor)

Crime and Punishment (Movie)

Mrs. Raskolnikov (Actor)

Disputed Passage (Movie)

Mrs. Cunningham (Actor)

Guilty of Treason (Movie)

Mother Mindszenty (Actor)

Higher and Higher (Movie)

Mrs. Keating (Actor)

Lost Angel (Movie)

Mrs. Pringle (Actor)

Make Way for Tomorrow (Movie)

Cora Payne (Actor)

Mama Loves Papa (Movie)

Jessie Todd (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire Out West (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire at Sea (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire's Baby (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire's Elephant (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

Mountain Justice (Movie)

Meg Harkins (Actor)

Never a Dull Moment (Movie)

Mrs. Scuyler Manning (Actor)

Nice Girl? (Movie)

Martha Peasley (Actor)

Random Harvest (Movie)

Mrs. Lloyd (Actor)

Roll on Texas Moon (Movie)

Cactus Kate Taylor (Actor)

Saturday's Children (Movie)

Mrs. Halevy (Actor)

Sealed Verdict (Movie)

Cora Hockland (Actor)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Movie)

Widow Douglass (Actor)

The Affairs of Annabel (Movie)

Mrs. Fletcher (Actor)

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (Movie)

Louise (Actor)

The Bride Goes Wild (Movie)

Mrs. Carruthers (Actor)

The Christian (Movie)


The Egg and I (Movie)

Betty's Mother (Actor)

The Girl from Mexico (Movie)

Aunt Della Lindsay (Actor)

The Great Man Votes (Movie)

Phoebe Ainslee (Actor)

The King Steps Out (Movie)

Sofia (Actor)

The Lady Is Willing (Movie)

Mrs. Cummings (Actor)

The Man Who Dared (Movie)


The Milkman (Movie)

Mrs. Carter (Actor)

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (Movie)

Mrs. Prichard (Actor)

The Unseen (Movie)

Mrs. Norris (Actor)

The Woman I Love (Movie)

Mme. Herbillion (Actor)

They Made Me a Killer (Movie)

Ma (Actor)

Weird Woman (Movie)

Grace Gunnison (Actor)


Brandon Evans Actor


Brandon Evans


George Tucker

Married until his death 1921