Ellen DeGeneres Battles ‘R’ Rating For Anti-Bullying Movie

ellen degeneresEllen DeGeneres is taking a stand against bullying. The TV host recently voiced her opinion about an anti-bullying documentary, Bully, and vouched that the Motion Picture Association of America should change the R rating of the film to PG-13, so it can be seen by its intended target audience: kids.

DeGeneres was inspired to help after hearing about the work of Katy Butler, a Michigan high school student and victim of bullying who began a petition for the ratings switch at Change.org. “It’s an important movie for everyone to see, especially kids,” DeGeneres told her audience members on The Ellen Show on March 6.

DeGeneres went on to say, “Having an ‘R’ rating makes it difficult for anyone under 17 to see it. Also you can’t show ‘R’ rated movies in schools and that is exactly where it needs to be shown.” She added, “I think it is important for the rating to be PG-13. That was the intention of the filmmakers.”

But the comedienne isn’t the only celeb who’s voiced her opinion on the matter. Demi Lovato appealed to her 6 million Twitter followers about the situation, writing: “Please help repeal the R rating on ‘BULLY.’ EVERYONE should be able to see it. Sign the petition.”

As of now, Butler’s petition has drawn more than 280,000 signatures and is even being officially supported by 20 members of Congress. She delivered more than 200,000 of those signatures to the MPAA’s Los Angeles office last week.

“We’ve got the MPAA’s attention, and with nearly 300,000 signatures and support from celebrities and politicians, there’s now a national movement of people calling on the MPAA to drop the R rating for Bully,” Butler says. “As someone who lived through bullying day in and day out in school, including having my finger broken by bullies, this film is too important to silence with an R rating. Everyone should have a chance to see Bully.”

For more information on the petition, click here.

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Source: Change.org