Now Ellen DeGeneres Is Trying to Figure Out What the Heck the Fox Says

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the viral video “The Fox” by the Norwegian band Ylvis has become something of a smash hit, making the rounds and getting its fair share of parodies. The band, which consists of two brothers, has shot to instant Internet fame with their weird and ridiculous music video that asks the pressing question, “What’s the fox say?” Apparently, we’re anxious to find out because the video has already received over 39 million hits. 

As is the American way, the brothers solidified their popularity with an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  During the interview, DeGeneres invited the band to get up and sing their hit song. Of course, she didn’t mean for them to sing it alone; she also joined in on the fun to sing (and dance!) with them, as they attempt to decipher what the fox says. Watch the hilarious clip below!  

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