Ellen Takes ‘Chance’ on Label

Ellen DegeneresTV host Ellen DeGeneres has started her own record label with pint-sized internet sensation Greyson Chance. Chance’s performance of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” during a middle-school recital has gained over 20 million views on YouTube, and is single-handedly responsible for jumpstarting the puberty of hundreds of tween girls across the world.

Chance was first discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, who had him on her show earlier this month. It was after that appearence that his popularity began to take off, and he was hailed as the next Justin Bieber. Some experts, however, question the need a new Justin Bieber, as the original has not yet been drained of innocence and joy for our entertainment.


DeGeneres plans to use the new label, with the unwieldy name of ‘eleveneleven’, to sign artists who appear on her show. Hopefully this means that ‘eleveneleven’ will find its niche specializing in internet celebrities. Keyboard Cat has gone unrepresented for far to long!

For a look at what Ellen’s whiz-kid sounds like, check out the video below. Source: People.com