Make ‘Spaghetti’ With Emblem3 Before Their Debut Album Is Served

They may have a disadvantage in numbers, but Emblem3’s sweet ditties still entrance teen girls everywhere just like their fellow Simon Cowell-stamped One Direction. 

Fresh off their The X Factor  surge, a live performance of Emblem3’s latest track “Spaghetti” at the GMA after party surfaced today, which will fill up fans until the musical trio’s debut album Nothing to Lose  hits stores.

The chilled-out California band, which consists of brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick, rose to fame after placing fourth on The X Factor USA’s second season. On the heels of the X Factor, Simon Cowell signed them to his record label Syco Records and Columbia Records. They most recently released their track “Chloe”.


Although you’d think a song that boasts a lame title like “Spaghetti” would be totally berserk, after a quick listen to this track, the handsome Emblem3 boys fend off any unwarranted speculation.

As they strum the guitar and bop their heads, the three SoCal dudes sing about craving to “just ditch the party” and instead just chillax and whip up a plate of spaghetti. This tune is destined for a summer kickback playlist for sure.

We are totally down to pass up a rager anytime to serve up some bolognese with these hotties. Emblem3’s debut album Nothing to Lose  is expected for release on July 30th and is currently available for preorder on iTunes.

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