Emilio Estevez Claims Charlie Sheen is a Changed Man

Watching a celebrity’s career and personal life self destruct before your very eyes is like witnessing a terrible car-crash — you know you shouldn’t look, yet you can’t help but watch the disaster unfold. We’ve seen it with Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and now with our not-so-winning warlock, Charlie Sheen. Jobless, wifeless, goddessless…poor Charlie’s life has progressively spiraled out of control, but according to the star’s big brother, Emilio Estevez, Charlie is on the road to recovery.

In an interview with Access Hollywood today, Emilio claims that his famous brother is back and better than ever, saying “He’s a different guy. He’s a completely different guy…he’s got his voice back. And I think he’s got his focus. He’s on a new show and he’s gonna be roasted by Comedy Central – which I think is going to be hysterical.” We can only hope his new sitcom will be more successful than his stand-up comedy tours (he’s been booed several times off stage). Emilio also addresses the rumor that his mother has moved in with Charlie admitting, “She’s back and forth…we’re a very close family and we’re a very real family, and I think every real family has real problems. And [Charlie’s] gone through it, and he’s come out the other side, and I think we’re all really excited to see what the next chapter of his life is going to be like.” Well Charlie never lets it get boring, that’s for sure, but can he really crawl out of the disgraceful hole he’s in? Hollywood stars are also famous for their miraculous comebacks, and if Martin Sheen is your dad, I’d like to think anything is possible.

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Source: Access Hollywood