Emma Dunn

Born: 02/26/1875 in Cheshire, England, GB


Actor (61)

Life With Father 1947 (Movie)


Mourning Becomes Electra 1947 (Movie)

Mrs. Borden (Actor)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1943 (Movie)

Doña Mercedes (Actor)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1940 (Movie)

Martha (Actor)

The Great Dictator 1940 (Movie)

Mrs Jaeckel (Actor)

Dance, Girl, Dance 1939 (Movie)

Mrs. Simpson (Actor)

Cowboy From Brooklyn 1938 (Movie)

Ma Hardy (Actor)

Thanks For the Memory 1937 (Movie)

Mrs. Platt (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Lady 1937 (Movie)

Ma Hawkins (Actor)

Varsity Show 1936 (Movie)


Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1935 (Movie)

Mrs. Meredith (Actor)

Letty Lynton 1932 (Movie)

Mrs. Darrow (Actor)

Bad Company 1930 (Movie)

Emma (Actor)

Bad Sister 1930 (Movie)


Too Young to Marry 1930 (Movie)


Babes on Broadway (Movie)

Mrs. Williams (Actor)

Big Business Girl (Movie)


Blessed Event (Movie)

Mrs. Roberts (Actor)

Broken Lullaby (Movie)

Frau Muller (Actor)

Calling Dr. Kildare (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)

Circus Girl (Movie)

Molly (Actor)

Compromised (Movie)


Dark Hazard (Movie)

Mrs. Mayhew (Actor)

Dr. Kildare Goes Home (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)

Dr. Kildare's Crisis (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (Movie)

Martha Kildare (Actor)

Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)

Each Dawn I Die (Movie)

Mrs. Ross (Actor)

Elmer the Great (Movie)

Mrs. Kane (Actor)

George White's Scandals (Movie)

Aunt Jane (Actor)

Half a Sinner (Movie)

Granny Gladden (Actor)

Hard to Handle (Movie)

Mrs. Hawks the Landlady (Actor)

I Married a Witch (Movie)

Wife of the Justice of the Peace (Actor)

Ladies Crave Excitement (Movie)

Mary Phelan (Actor)

Ladies in Retirement (Movie)

Sister Theresa (Actor)

Lord Jeff (Movie)

Mrs. Briggs (Actor)

Madame X (Movie)

Rose (Actor)

Minesweeper (Movie)

Mom (Actor)

Private Jones (Movie)

Mrs. Jones (Actor)

Rise and Shine (Movie)

Mrs. Murray (Actor)

Scattergood Baines (Movie)

Mirandy Baines (Actor)

Scattergood Meets Broadway (Movie)

Mirandy Baines (Actor)

Scattergood Pulls the Strings (Movie)

Mirandy Baines (Actor)

Second Wife (Movie)

Mrs. Brown (Actor)

Seven Keys to Baldpate (Movie)

Mrs. Quimby (Actor)

Son of Frankenstein (Movie)

Amelia (Actor)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Movie)

Dona Mercedes (Actor)

The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (Movie)

Mrs. Cohen (Actor)

The Cross of Lorraine (Movie)


The Duke of West Point (Movie)

Mrs. West (Actor)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (Movie)

Housekeeper (Actor)

The Glass Key (Movie)

Mom (Actor)

The Hoodlum Saint (Movie)

Maggie (Actor)

The Horn Blows at Midnight (Movie)


The Monster and the Girl (Movie)

Aunt Della (Actor)

The North Star (Movie)


The Secret of Dr. Kildare (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)

The Wet Parade (Movie)

Mrs. Chilcote (Actor)

The Woman in White (Movie)

Mrs. Vesey (Actor)

Under Eighteen (Movie)

Mrs. Evans (Actor)

Young Dr. Kildare (Movie)

Mrs. Martha Kildare (Actor)



Film acting debut