Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Dating

emma stone and andrew garfieldSomeone’s spidey senses must be tingling because love is in the air between Emma Stone and her Spider-Man co-star Andrew GarfieldThe Amazing Spider-Man may have wrapped in May, but this couple’s love story has just begun.  A source states that, “They got close during filming and have been hooking up,” but initially wanted to keep things quiet due to Garfield’s recent split with his girlfriend of 3 years, Raising Hope actress, Shannon Woodward.  The insider says “they haven’t gone public, but he’s told his friends.”  Seems like the keeping-it-under-wraps thing is working out quite well so far. 

Of course you didn’t need super powers to see the chemistry between these two at the MTV Movie Awards on June 5.  The pair was spotted flirting throughout the ceremony and were seen chatting with one another at an afterparty.  Will their relationship last or will this be yet another whirlwind romance between co-star merely caught in the moment?  And don’t let the fact that they look absolutely adorable together cloud your judgment at all.  Just remember guys – with great power comes great responsibility.

Source: US