Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde: New Faces of Revlon Campaign

Make-up has never looked so good. In a matter of weeks the beautiful faces of Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde will grace us once again with their lovely television presence, but not for an upcoming film — for Revlon! The gorgeous twosome has been chosen by the Revlon gods to be the next faces of the makeup line’s new campaign. Not only will these ladies be appearing in TV commercials and print ads for the popular brand, but the actresses will also participate in Revlon’s fundraising events for women’s health issues. So far, the company has raised over $65 million for women’s cancer research in the past 10 years. Beautiful and kind-hearted — no wonder these two are quickly becoming America’s sweethearts.

How are the soon-to-be moguls of make-up feeling up their upcoming campaign? They’re thrilled and have history with the Revlon brand. Emma Stone said in a statement that, “I have been familiar with Revlon for as long as I can remember…I vividly recall my mom wearing Revlon makeup and I remember getting to the age when I was finally able to wear Revlon myself.” And boy does she wear it well. Wilde also commented that “I have always admired Revlon and their commitment to giving women the confidence and tools they need to feel beautiful, both inside and out.” The Cowboys & Aliens star added that “I also love that they use their tremendous recognizability around the world to do good as one of the industry’s biggest champions of women’s health. It’s exciting to join a company with a big heart and big ideas!” Sounds like Revlon couldn’t have picked any better candidates to represent their cause. I look forward to seeing their faces the next time I go to the drug store to buy makeup.

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Source: E Online