Emmys 2011: Kevin Dillon Says Jane Lynch’s ‘Entourage’ Joke Was ‘Not Fair’


Being the host of any award show is never easy because it’s absolutely impossible to please everyone. Someone’s going to think your skit was too long, your monologue was too bland, or your jokes were just not funny, it’s all stuff Jane Lynch is becoming more and more familiar with. But arguably one of the Emmy host’s greatest lines last night was when she introduced the stars of Entourage to the stage, saying, “A lot people are very curious as to why I’m a lesbian—ladies and gentleman, the cast of Entourage.” It was cute, it was funny, and it got a big laugh from the audience — but as expected, not everyone thought the joke was very fitting. Especially Entourage’s very own Kevin Dillon.

While I’m sure everyone is shocked person against a joke about Entourage is a cast member of Entourage, this is what Dillon had to say: “It was funny, but I think it’s not fair at the same time. We all have good senses of humor but I think the men of Entourage treat women well for the most part.” The actor continued with, “Maybe she was going on season one when everyone one in the world was like, ‘That show is so male chauvinistic,’ and everybody was down us. But since then, E has had a longtime relationship. Vince has always treated women politely and even Turtle lately. I didn’t take offense but that’s not what the show is about.” Looks like Lynch struck an old nerve, but Dillon should just accept the joke for what it was — a playful, comedic jab. That’s show business!

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Source: E!