‘Enquirer’ Apologizes to Ashley Olsen

The National Enquirer has apologized to Ashley Olsen for suggesting she was part of a drug scandal involving her former boyfriend Scott Sartiano.

Olsen appeared on the front of the weekly publication, underneath the headline ‘Ashley Olsen Caught In A Drug Scandal’ but the Enquirer‘s editors insist they never intended to suggest the young actress was involved with drugs.

In a clarification notice in the new National Enquirer, the publication’s editors state, “The article concerned certain legal proceedings involving Scott Sartiano and did not in any way accuse Ms. Olsen of being involved in those proceedings or of being involved in any drug scandal or any association with any type of illegal drugs.

“The National Enquirer wants to make clear to its readers that, by its cover and headlines, it did not intend to accuse Ms. Olsen of being involved in any drug scandal.”

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