Erich Kastner

Born: 02/23/1899 in Dresden, , DE


Writer (11)

Animals United 2010 (Movie)

(Based on the children's novel "The Animals' Conference") (Source Material)

Das Doppelte Lottchen 2007 (Movie)

(from children's book: "Das Doppelte Lottchen") (Source Material)

Emil und die Detektive 2000 (Movie)

from children's book("Emil and the Detectives") (Book as Source Material)

Puenktchen und Anton 1999 (Movie)

Novel as Source Material (Source Material (from novel))

The Parent Trap 1998 (Movie)

("Das Doppelte Lottchen") (Source Material (from novel))

Das Doppelte Lottchen 1994 (Movie)

(from novel: "Das Doppelte Lottchen") (Source Material)

Fabian 1979 (Movie)

(Book as Source Material)

Emil and the Detectives 1963 (Movie)

("Emil und die Detektive") (Source Material (from novel))

The Parent Trap 1961 (Movie)

("Das Doppelte Lottchen") (Source Material (from novel))

Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon (TV Show)

Characters as Source Material

Parent Trap II (TV Show)

Book as Source Material