Erland Josephson

Actor, Screenwriter, Director
The Swedish-born Erland Josephson is an internationally revered actor, expertly portraying ironic yet humane characters, who has worked with some of the world's finest filmmakers-Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, and ... Read more »
Born: 06/15/1923 in Stockholm, Stockholms län [SE-01], SE


Actor (65)

Well Tempered Corpses 2006 (Movie)


Perlasca 2005 (Movie)

Jakob (Actor)

Saraband 2005 (Movie)

Johan--Professor Emeritus (Actor)

Day and Night 2004 (Movie)


Faithless 2001 (Movie)

Bergman (Actor)

In the Presence of a Clown 1999 (Movie)

Osvald Vogler (Actor)

Ljuset Haller Mig Sallskap 1999 (Movie)

over (Voice)

Waiting For Sunset 1999 (Movie)

August Lind (Actor)

Kristin Lavransdatter 1998 (Movie)

Brother Edvin (Actor)

Magnetisoren's Femte Vinter 1998 (Movie)

Mr Hofverberg (Actor)

Ulysses' Gaze 1997 (Movie)

Preserver (Actor)

The Dancer 1995 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Vendetta 1995 (Movie)

OM (Actor)

The Forbidden Fruit 1994 (Movie)

Landlord (Actor)

Dromspel 1993 (Movie)

Blind Man (Actor)

God afton, Herr Wallenberg 1993 (Movie)

Stockholm Rabbi (Actor)

Sofie 1993 (Movie)

Semmy (Actor)

The Ox 1992 (Movie)

Silver (Actor)

Cattiva 1991 (Movie)

Professor Brokner (Actor)

Meeting Venus 1991 (Movie)

Jorge Picabia (Actor)

Prospero's Books 1991 (Movie)

Gonzalo (Actor)

Il Sole Buio 1990 (Movie)


Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky 1989 (Movie)

Narration(Swedish version) (Narrator)

Hanussen 1989 (Movie)

Dr Bettelheim (Actor)

Un Caso di Incoscienza 1989 (Movie)

Erik Sander (Actor)

The Unbearable Lightness of Being 1988 (Movie)

The Ambassaador (Actor)

Control 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


La Donna Spezzata 1987 (Movie)

Maurizio (Actor)

Migrations 1987 (Movie)


Testament d'un poete juif assassine 1987 (Movie)

Zupanev (Actor)

Amarosa 1986 (Movie)

David Sprengel (Actor)

Le Mal d'aimer 1986 (Movie)

Robin's Father (Actor)

Saving Grace 1986 (Movie)

Monsignor Francesco Ghezzi (Actor)

The Sacrifice 1986 (Movie)

Alexander (Actor)

Garibaldi - the General 1985 (Movie)

Cavour (Actor)

L' Ultima Mazurka 1985 (Movie)

Serra (Actor)

The Flying Devils 1985 (Movie)

Oscar Seidenbaum (Actor)

After the Rehearsal 1984 (Movie)

Henrik Vogler (Actor)

Bakom Jalusin 1984 (Movie)


Angelan Sota/Angelas Krig 1983 (Movie)

Goldberg (Actor)

Dirty Story 1983 (Movie)

Gabriel Berggren (Actor)

Fanny and Alexander 1982 (Movie)

Isak Jacobi (Actor)

La Casa del tappetto Giallo 1982 (Movie)

Stranger (Actor)

Nostalghia 1982 (Movie)

Domenico (Actor)

Bella Donna 1981 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Variola Vera 1981 (Movie)


Karleken 1980 (Movie)

Erland (Actor)

Marmeladupproret 1980 (Movie)

Karl Henrik Eller (Actor)

Montenegro 1980 (Movie)

Martin Jordan (Actor)

Autumn Sonata 1978 (Movie)

Josef (Actor)

En och En 1978 (Movie)

Uncle Dan (Actor)

To Forget Venice 1978 (Movie)

Nicky (Actor)

Den Allvarsamma Leken 1977 (Movie)

Editor-in-Chief Doncker (Actor)

Die Erste Polka 1977 (Movie)

Leo Maria (Actor)

Al di la del bene e del male 1976 (Movie)

Nietzsche (Actor)

Face to Face 1976 (Movie)

Tomas (Actor)

Monismanien 1995 1975 (Movie)

Teacher (Actor)

Cries and Whispers 1973 (Movie)


Scenes From a Marriage 1973 (Movie)

Johan (Actor)

The Girls 1971 (Movie)

Carl (Actor)

The Passion of Anna 1970 (Movie)


Hour of the Wolf 1968 (Movie)

Baron Von Merkens (Actor)

Brink of Life 1959 (Movie)

Anders Ellius (Actor)

The Magician 1958 (Movie)

Abraham Egerman--the Consul (Actor)
Director (2)

Marmeladupproret 1980 (Movie)


En och En 1978 (Movie)

Producer (2)

Marmeladupproret 1980 (Movie)


En och En 1978 (Movie)

Writer (2)

Marmeladupproret 1980 (Movie)


Not to Speak About All These Women 1964 (Movie)



The Swedish-born Erland Josephson is an internationally revered actor, expertly portraying ironic yet humane characters, who has worked with some of the world's finest filmmakers-Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Theodoros Angelopoulos. His work with Bergman is his most well-known and ranges from the director's earliest films ("It Rains on Our Love," "To Joy," "Brink of Life") to his last ("Saraband"). After working with Bergman on 1958's "The Magician," supporting film lead Max Von Sydow, Josephson returned to stage work full-time. When he returned to the screen 10 years later to again make magic with Bergman, their collaborations over the next couple of decades would produce a series of extraordinary explorations of psyches and relationships--"Hour of the Wolf," "The Passion of Anna," the Academy Award-winning "Cries and Whispers," "Scenes from a Marriage," "Fanny and Alexander," and the cathartic, thirty-years-later "Marriage" follow-up "Saraband" among many others. Josephson's work with the great, austere Russian director Tarkovsky yielded two of the director's most important later works, the poetic odyssey "Nostalghia" and the sublimely spiritual "The Sacrifice." In 1980, Josephson wrote, produced, and directed "Marmalade Revolution," a showcase drama co-starring another Bergman player, Bibi Andersson.


Ulla Aberg



Stockholm University



Final film appearance, "Wellkåmm to Verona"


Portrayed former German chancellor Franz von Papen in "The Good Pope: Pope John XXIII/Il papa buono"


Final film with Bergman, "Saraband" opposite Ullman


Portrayed a screenwriter and director named 'Bergman' in "Faithless," a screenplay by Ingmar Bergman; film directed by Liv Ullmann


American stage debut, "The Cherry Orchard"; production presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music


Narrated the Swedish version of Michal Leszczylowski's documentary "Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky"


U.S. TV-movie debut, "Control/Il giorno prima" (HBO)


Hollywood acting debut, "Saving Grace"


Solo screenwriting debut and feature debut as producer and co-director (with Sven Nykvist and Ingrid Thulin), "One and One/En och En"; also acted


Began appearing in non-Swedish productions, starred in Liliana Cavani's "Beyond Good and Evil/Al di la del bene e del male"


TV series debut, portrayed the husband Johan in Bergman's celebrated "Scenes From a Marriage"; later released in an edited feature length version


Commercial breakthrough with Bergman, "Cries and Whispers/Viskningar och rop"; co-starred Liv Ullman


First feature role not directed by Bergman, Mai Zetterling's "The Girls/Flickorna"


Replaced Bergman as head of Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theater


Debut as screenwriter, co-writing with Bergman "All These Women/For att Inte Tala om Alla Dessa Kvinnor"


Joined Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theater


Feature acting debut in the Bergman directed "It Rains on Our Love/Det regnar pa var karlek"


Worked with Bergman at the Heisingborg Municipal Theater


Made stage debut and began a lifelong collaborative friendship with director Ingmar Bergman, then head of an amateur theater company

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Josephson authored several novels and plays, an anthology of poems, and scripts for stage, screen and radio.