Esther Dale

Born: 11/10/1885 in Beauford, South Carolina, USA


Actor (64)

North to Alaska 1960 (Movie)

Woman at picnic (Actor)

The Sound and the Fury 1959 (Movie)

Mrs Mansfield (Actor)

The Oklahoman 1957 (Movie)

Mrs Fitzgerald (Actor)

Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki 1955 (Movie)

Birdie Hicks (Actor)

Monkey Business 1952 (Movie)


Too Young to Kiss 1951 (Movie)

Mrs. Boykin (Actor)

Holiday Affair 1949 (Movie)

Mrs. Ennis (Actor)

A Stolen Life 1947 (Movie)

Mrs. Johnson (Actor)

Margie 1946 (Movie)

Grandma McSweeney (Actor)

Ten Gentlemen From West Point 1941 (Movie)

Mrs. Thompson (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas 1940 (Movie)

Tarusa (Actor)

Back Street 1940 (Movie)

Mrs. Smith (Actor)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1940 (Movie)

Mrs Krausheimer (Actor)

Girls on Probation 1938 (Movie)


Swanee River 1938 (Movie)

Temperance Woman (Actor)

The Women 1938 (Movie)

Ingrid (Actor)

Dead End 1936 (Movie)


Easy Living 1936 (Movie)

Lillian (Actor)

The Awful Truth 1936 (Movie)

Mrs Leeson (Actor)

Fury 1935 (Movie)

Mrs Whipple (Actor)

The Magnificent Brute 1935 (Movie)

Mrs. Randolph (Actor)

Private Worlds 1934 (Movie)

Matron (Actor)

A Song Is Born (Movie)

Miss Bragg (Actor)

Aloma of the South Seas (Movie)

Tarusa (Actor)

Anna Lucasta (Movie)

Mrs. Polaski (Actor)

Arise, My Love (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Bad Little Angel (Movie)


Blackmail (Movie)

Sarah (Actor)

Blondie Goes to College (Movie)

Mrs. Dill (Actor)

Blondie Has Servant Trouble (Movie)

Anna Vaughn (Actor)

Broadway Serenade (Movie)

Mrs. Olsen (Actor)

Condemned Women (Movie)

Matron Glover (Actor)

Curly Top (Movie)

Aunt Genevieve Graham (Actor)

Damaged Goods (Movie)

Mrs. Dupont (Actor)

Dangerously They Live (Movie)

Dawson (Actor)

Dramatic School (Movie)

Forewoman in Factory (Actor)

Great Impersonation (Movie)

Mrs. Unthank (Actor)

I Live My Life (Movie)

Brumbaugh (Actor)

I Married an Angel (Movie)

Mrs. Gherkin (Actor)

In Old Kentucky (Movie)

Dolly Breckenridge (Actor)

Laddie (Movie)

Bridgette (Actor)

Ma and Pa Kettle (Movie)

Mrs. Birdie Hicks (Actor)

Made for Each Other (Movie)

First Cook (Actor)

Maisie Gets Her Man (Movie)


My Reputation (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

No Man of Her Own (Movie)

Josie (Actor)

Old Acquaintance (Movie)

Harriet (Actor)

On Moonlight Bay (Movie)

Aunt Martha (Actor)

On Such a Night (Movie)

Miss Belinda Fentridge (Actor)

Opened by Mistake (Movie)

Mrs. DeBorest (Actor)

Smoky (Movie)

Gram (Actor)

Stolen Heaven (Movie)

Lieschen (Actor)

Tell No Tales (Movie)

Mrs. Haskins (Actor)

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (Movie)

Lucy (Actor)

The Egg and I (Movie)

Birdie Hicks (Actor)

The Mortal Storm (Movie)

Marta (Actor)

The North Star (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

The Outcast (Movie)

Hattie Simmerson (Actor)

The Unfinished Dance (Movie)

Olga (Actor)

The Wedding Night (Movie)

Kaise Nowak (Actor)

There's Magic in Music (Movie)

Miss Clark (Actor)

This Time for Keeps (Movie)

Mrs. Fields (Actor)

Walk Softly, Stranger (Movie)

Thompson (Actor)

Wrecking Crew (Movie)

Mike O'Glendy (Actor)


Arthur Beckhard




Film acting debut


First starring Broadway role in "Carry Nation"