Ethan Ross


Production Management (11)

Ride Along 2 2016 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

Furious 7 2015 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

The Hangover Part III 2013 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

The Lone Ranger 2013 (Movie)

(Element Unit) (Assistant Director)

Fast Five 2011 (Movie)

(Puerto Rico) (Assistant Director)

Killers 2010 (Movie)

(Atlanta) (Assistant Director)

Smokin' Aces 2007 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

The Guardian 2006 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

The Italian Job 2003 (Movie)

Second Second Assistant Director (Assistant Director)

Training Day 2001 (Movie)

(Assistant Director)

Resurrection (TV Show)

Assistant Director
Other (1)

The World's Greatest Magic III 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)

Production Assistant