Eva Longoria Supports Hispanic Protest

Eva Longoria is backing the current Hispanic protests against proposed immigration quotas and possible deportations in the United States, branding the planned moves “insulting.”

The Desperate Housewives star, of Mexican heritage, is fiercely proud of her Latin roots–and she is raging against the potential policy changes.

She says, “It happened before in the Thirties where we had a huge deportation of Mexicans due to a racist policy, and it was horrible.

“But Mexicans and in particular Latinos in general contribute an enormous amount to this country, and I think it’s insulting to threaten deportation. The most honorable thing you can do with your life is support your family, and that’s what most of these people are doing.

“They leave their countries to come here and make three bucks an hour, and still send money home. I wouldn’t suggest I have the answer, but I’m sure there’s a set of opportunities we could offer.

“Because, after all, we are a land of immigrants. None of us would be here of our ancestors didn’t get a chance at one time or another.”

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