Eva Mendes Met Ryan Gosling’s Mom Over the Holidays

ryan goslingWhile some people (not to name names) spent the first day of 2012 in bum clothes while nursing the traditional New Year’s hangover, others chose to be a little more productive with their day, including the ever-so dreamy Ryan Gosling. The actor spent the day with the two current leading ladies of his life: his girlfriend, Eva Mendes…and his mother.

After spending some quality mother-son time together on Sunday, the duo met up with Mendes to go to an AMC movie theater in uptown Manhattan later on in the day. A source described the little rendezvous to People magazine, stating, “They all hung out and went to the movies together. Ryan and Eva seemed very happy.”

You know what this means, ladies. The hunky star’s relationship with Mendes is getting so serious that he wants her meet his parents – more importantly, his mother – which could only mean one thing: he could be getting ready to commit. This could be the end of life, as we now know it (and you know I’m not one to exaggerate). If you can’t tell, this little meet and greet makes me very, very nervous. Let the girlish screams of outrage commence!

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Source: People