Evan Rachel Wood Furious Over Paparazzi Ultrasound Pics, But Is She Right To Be?

Evan Rachel Wood Pregant Ultrasound rantEvan Rachel Wood is pissed. Steamed. Angry as hell and not going to take it anymore. Someone snapped a picture her ultrasound, of her child with husband Jamie Bell, and published it on the Internet for the whole world to see.

How horrible! Right? Well, not so much. As it turns out, Wood was leaving a doctor’s appointment holding her ultrasound in her hands and a paparazzi snapped a pic, capturing the ultrasound photo in full. The Mail Online then published the photos, which picture Wood walking and holding the picture by the corner exposing the full image, much to the actress’s dismay. She took to Twitter to announce her anger via eight venomous tweets, starting with, “Which sick f** paparazzi hid in the parking lot of my hospital after my ultrasound. I cant stand this.” Since Wood started her rant and asked the Mail take down the images, they’ve have been removed from the web.

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But the question remains why Wood would be so open with a photo she holds so dear? She was walking in a public place, holding the photo by it’s corner and allowing the full expanse of the ultrasound image to be on display. She’s carrying a bag in the photo, so why wasn’t the precious cargo stowed away? Wood countered that argument by tweeting, “Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred… Fyi i was not walking down the st parading my ultrasound photo. That was the roof of a hospital parking garage where you should be safe.” Sure, except for the part where a hospital parking garage is only slightly more mildly inconvenient to access than a public sidewalk.

True, celebrities shouldn’t have to hide things they’re carrying in their hands on the way to their cars (parking garage or not) as normal humans do every single day, but it’s a symptom of celebrity society that if they’re not concealing it, they could be caught carrying that precious cargo. Hell, if an average citizen is carrying (or wearing) anything remarkable or remotely valuable in a parking lot, they could find themselves on the web – just ask the Ikea monkey.

We’re in the age of ever-present cameras, paparazzi and otherwise. If you want to keep something private, keep it private. It’s unlikely that the paparazzo in question dropped from the sky onto this rooftop parking lot Wood tweets of. Photographers can climb stairs too, and that’s all it takes to get to the roof of a parking garage. And while yes, the unhealthy celebrity obsession that bore this level of invasion is something to be concerned about and publishing ultrasound pictures should certainly set off the “you’ve crossed the line” alert for an editor, there is a certain level of personal responsibility that we’re all expected to keep in the Era of the Overshare. 

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We have to be careful about what we write or post on Facebook or Twitter, because as many misinformed social media users find out every time their ill-advised comments make it to Buzzfeed, if you share it, everyone sees it. And you have to be careful what you do in public. There are cameras everywhere of every variety: security cameras, paparazzi cameras, 13-year-olds with iPhone cameras. 

It may not be right, and it may not seem fair, but if you’re flaunting something in public, you’ve got to be prepared for someone to capture it. Even you, Evan Rachel Wood.

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[Photo Credit: Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP Photo]