7 Times You Fell In Love With Seth Rogen

Zack and Miri Make A Porno, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth BanksWeinstein Company via Everett Collection

It’s important to acknowledge the fact that there at least 94 reasons to be in love with Seth Rogen. Picking just seven moments in his career to highlight is morally wrong on some level, so you’ll have to forgive us and use this list as a jumping-off point for future YouTube perusals. Rogen’s new movie Neighbors hits theaters this weekend and he and his co-star just made a great appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Rogen in drag doing the “Ew” skit was amazing, and here are seven other times we could not resist his charms.

1. The Esteemed Screenwriter of Star Whores

In the end, the Zack and Miri characters never got to make Star Whores. But hearing Rogen (as Zack) waxing poetic on the epic porn parody script to end all porn parody scripts was unforgettable. Plus, he and Elizabeth Banks (Miri) were just adorable. There’s nothing cuter than falling in love with your porn co-star.

2. Dawson’s Creek Heartthrob

Lest we forget the time he played Stoner Bob on Dawson’s Creek! Rogen was sort of the older, hot guy here — note that he’s described as “an outstanding lay.” This isn’t exactly the Rogen we’ve come to love, but it works!

3. He Gets That Marriage Can Be Awesome

In this interview, Rogen talks about putting an end to the “naggy wife” trope that has been perpetuated everywhere, even in his own films. He told Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen that with a little help from his own wife, the script for Neighbors got some much-needed revisions. We also get to hear 13-year-old Rogen doing stand-up, which is amazing.

4. The Bieber Conundrum

Rogen keeps it real, a rarity among celebrities. And when he spoke out against Justin Bieber — planting an epic dog joke in this interview — it just made us love him more.

5. Greatest Music Video Parody Ever

There are no words for this moment in pop culture history. When Rogen and James Franco teamed up for this Bound 3 parody video of Kanye West’s Bound 2, it was incredible. And we clearly need more Kim Kardashian impersonations from him as well.

6. These Are His Confessions 

In which Rogen admits to wetting the bed, disliking ugly babies, and interesting choices for make-out partners.

7. The Dice Roll

There are so many great moments from Knocked Up, but when Rogen reminded us that sometimes the dice roll dance works (because, hey, he does get the girl in the end), we all learned a valuable lesson. You can find true love at the club. You just have to use the dance moves you have — however ridiculous they may be.