Facebook and Chairs: What Other Objects Is It Like? — VIDEO

Facebook AdAccording to our friends over at The Book That Zuck Built, Facebook is just like a chair. It allows people to sit and have conversations and connect with each other. Facebook is like every single thing that connects us! Planes, trains, busses, submarines! The Titanic or something. You get the point.

Since releasing the video this morning, Facebook’s chair ad (it’s a really great year for chairs, eh?) left us all sort of… scratching our heads?

We hope you’re sitting (ha! ha!) down for this, but there’s something you need to know. Facebook’s chair ad wasn’t the first draft. Oh, no no no. You see, the brilliance that involves an ad about chairs doesn’t just come instantly into the minds of geniuses. In fact, there were a few drafts bandied about before they settled on the chair. Because, you see, Facebook is like so many things: it’s like air, and validation, and compulsion. It’s also like a fart on public transportation (insidious), or a bunch of balloons (playful!). So it comes as a surprise to no one, we’re sure, that the folks at Facebook had to do a bit of… editing to get the list short enough to make its point.

But the super-sleuths here at Hollywood.com were able to get our grubby little hands on the first draft of the ad, and it felt like our moral imperative to share it with you. (And by find, we mean we made this. We made it up.)

Want to see what Facebook thinks it’s really like? Check out the original list, below:

[Photo Credit: Facebook]

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