New Fall Out Boy Music Video ‘The Phoenix’ Brings It Back to the Beginning

 Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy‘s newest music video is for their second single off of the band’s upcoming album Save Rock and Roll, but “The Phoenix” serves as a prequel to the album’s first single. It begins where “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)” leaves off — the four members of FOB are handcuffed and hooded in the back of a truck — but then jumps to a week earlier to show just how they got there.

A mysterious, glowing case a la Pulp Fiction causes the four FOB members to be kidnapped and, in lead singer Patrick Stump’s case, tortured. Two leather-clad femme fatales unleash Homeland hell on Stump (who had the case handcuffed to his wrist), and make FOB fans’ worst nightmare imaginable a reality in the biggest WTF moment of the video: they chop off his hand to get the case. Not his hand!

Watch the video below and then proceed for the 9 other biggest WTF moments from “The Phoenix”:

9. Stump gets tasered while being distracted by a smiling kid on a bike. He didn’t even see it coming (or get to shout, “Don’t tase me, bro!” What a wasted opportunity).

8. One of the kidnappers has a lizard tongue. Seriously, check it out at 1:36 — do you see how long that thing is? 

7. Pete Wentz gets Stump’s stump delivered to his house, and yet doesn’t seem all that freaked out by his friend/band member’s severed hand. Was he expecting this?

6. Wentz has some interesting artwork in his home. A giant orange sting ray painting? Classy.

5. Even after gaining access to the case, the two leather-clad women continue to torture a bloody Stump with surgical equipment. What could they possibly want?

4. Wentz sends a warning to the other FOB band members via an eagle flying over the city. Too bad the rest of the band was too mesmerized by watching the eagle to pay attention to their surroundings!

3. The third member to get kidnapped was pumping gas while smoking a cigarette. Hasn’t he seen Zoolander? Smoking and gasoline do not mix well!

2. Surprise! There’s a third kidnapper, and she’s none other than Wentz’s girlfriend sporting a s*** ton of eyeliner!

1. What’s in the case?!?

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Overall, the dark video matches the song’s mood perfectly, but the ominous ending has us concerned. Will the boys be able to rise from the ashes, phoenix-style, to save rock and roll? Or will Wentz’s girlfriend destroy the band for good? Let’s hope the story continues in their next video!

FOB’s fifth studio album, Save Rock and Roll, will be released on April 15.

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