Fan Meter: Celebrities Share Their Most Outlandish Fan Experiences

twilightThere are a lot of perks that come along with being a famous Hollywood celebrity. Fame and fortune are just the tip of the privileged iceberg. Stars also get to travel all over the world, collect a massive pile of unneeded swag, and become enormously popular — sometimes a little too popular. Like, so popular, they drive fans to do crazy things. (Like photoshopping ASkars into your Christmas card picture each year. No? That’s just me?) A little obsession might be harmless, but when does your fandom turn into, well, Kathy Bates in Misery-dom?

To help keep your star-struck actions in check, we’ve created a celebrity fan meter ranking devotees from one (healthily obsessed) to 10 (quick: call the asylum!). See where you fall into the mix below!

1. The Polite Video Fan

Most people only ever dream of asking their favorite celebrity out on a date, but in July 2011, Sgt. Scott Moore made the dream come true when he posted a video on YouTube asking Mila Kunis to join him at the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina later that year. And after some coaxing from her Friends With Benefits costar, Justin Timberlake, Kunis said yes. Granted, this started a massive trend in which anyone who ever owned a video camera was asking Hollywood stars out on dates. Overall, however, the proposals were seen as harmless and sweet, if a bit (after awhile) unoriginal. If you fall into this category, congratulations: Your obsession is completely under control.

2. The Funny Fan

At PaleyFest 2011, True Blood star Stephen Moyer admitted to experiencing some pretty humorous fan interactions. “Men will ask me to leave a voicemail for their wives as Bill [his character] because they say it will get them so laid,” Moyer recalled. “Sometimes I will do it.” It’s definitely an odd (but understandable?) request, but completely in the realm of sanity. If you would prefer Moyer bite you, jump to No. 6.

3. The A-Picture-Speaks-a-Thousand-Words Fan

Not everyone can find the words to express their love and devotion to their favorite Hollywood star, so some prefer to show it by getting enormous tattoos done in their honor. One person went so far as to ink Britney Spears entire face on his back, along with some lyrics to her song “Circus.” Over excessive: Yes. Dangerous: No. Everyone is entitled to do whatever they want to their body as long as it isn’t affecting others. What you lose in dignity you make up for in cool party tricks.

4. The Stripper Fan

The Jonas Brothers and stripping go together about as well as… wait, did I break any laws putting “Jonas Brothers” and “stripping” in the same sentence? Anyway, the trio had to confront an overzealous fan in 2009, when a man rushed the stage at a concert. The boy trio were performing in Madrid when the man jumped on the stage, took off his shirt, and ran circles around the band. The best part of the whole thing, though, was the fact that neither Joe, Kevin, nor Nick paid any attention to it. They just kept on playing like nothing was happening. It’s not exactly the best impression you could ever make given that you could potentially disrupt an otherwise enjoyable concert, but rushing the stage is not an unheard of action. This guy just chose to do it Woodstock-style.

5. The Peetaphiles Fan

Now that The Hunger Games has become everyone’s new favorite franchise, fans are getting more and more obsessed with the stars of the movies, a fact that Josh Hutcherson has just recently becoming aware of. On Conan, the actor recently described all the creative signs fans have made him since THG whirlwind took off, calling themselves “Peetaphiles.” They’ve even started combining the names Peeta and Katniss together, forming the combo nickname: Peeniss. (Again, did I just break a law?) Yes, the names are filled with underlying sexual references, but you still haven’t reached full-out crazy… yet.

6. The Vampire Lover Fan

The vampire craze really hit its stride a few years back when Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries made their fangy debuts. But some fans have trouble differentiating fantasy from reality — many have asked the vampire actors to bite them. Just ask Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan Salvatore in TVD. “I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve taken of me biting people on the neck,” Wesley shared with New York magazine. But he’s not all the surprised. “People that ask me to bite them don’t quite exactly fit the category of normal to begin with.” You hear that, ladies? You’re hovering over the crazy line now.

7. The Delusional Fan

Here’s where things start to get out of control. True Blood star Joe Manganiello shared a story at PaleyFest 2011 in which a fan once asked him at ComicCon to lick her wounds. Well, why not? After all, werewolf saliva can supposedly heal injuries. Wait, the fact that I know that means I might be a No. 7. Oh no!

8. The Girls Gone Wild Fan

Speaking of werewolves, Twilight star Taylor Lautner told that a mob of 2,000 girls broke through the hotel lobby in Brazil and tried to reach him in his room. It got so bad that the National Guard was called to help take care of the situation. Hint: when you have to be restrained by professionally trained military enforcement, then you know you’ve gone too far.

9. The Hit and Trample Fan

TwiHards, as a whole, can be a pretty crazy bunch, but a particular group of girl fans made the hall of fame (shame?) in the summer of 2009 when they chased Robert Pattinson across the street… causing him to be hit by a car. Granted, it was more like a graze, but despite what the Twilight movies want you to believe, RPatz is not indestructible. Proceed with caution, and don’t do anything to ruin that face!

10. The Intent-To-Kill Fan

When word got out that Selena Gomez was dating well-known teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, several of the pop singer’s fans started sending a series of death threats in the poor girl’s direction, taking Bieber Fever to a new (and completely wrong) level. Sure, it’s totally understandable to be sad when your celeb crush starts crushing on someone who isn’t you (oh my god how could he not love me did he see my shrine?!), but just remember to dial it back a bit. Former Disney stars need love too.

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