Farrell’s Paparazzi Pursuits Inspire T-Shirts

A crewmember on the set of Colin Farrell‘s upcoming movie Miami Vice is so fed up with the paparazzi constantly hounding him, she’s created a new line of “Leave Colin Alone” T-shirts.

Angie Lee Cobbs, an assistant production coordinator for the Florida-shot movie, teamed up with her designer pal Cindy Epping to create the tops, which have been worn by members of the cast, including Farrell‘s co-star Elizabeth Rodriguez–and crew.

Cobbs, who has worked as a personal assistant to Kate Hudson, says, “I understand taking photos at premieres and events, but when they follow him around like this it’s beyond normal.

“They show up at our Miami locations and curse us out when we ask them not to shoot.

“We feel protective toward him. He’s such a sweetheart and a down-to-earth guy.”

After expenses are paid, Cobbs, who has been selling the T-shirts since August, intends to donate the profits to the Princess Diana Memorial Fund.

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