‘Fat City’ Actress Susan Tyrrell Dies at 67

susan tyrrellSusan Tyrrell — best known for her Oscar-nominated supporting role in director John Huston’s 1972 boxing drama Fat City — died on Saturday at the age of only 67, her family confirms to People magazine. As of now, the specific cause of death has not yet been released.

Though Tyrrell’s acting career was a bit sporadic at times, she made her mark in a number of cinematic gems, especially back in 1977 where she played Carroll Baker’s careless in-law in Andy Warhol’s Bad. Other notable projects included portraying a cigar-chomping lesbian in the 1984 flick Angel and Johnny Depp’s grandmother Ramona Ricketts in John Waters’s 1990 film, Cry-Baby.

But unfortunately, Tyrrell’s life took an unexpected turn in 2000 when she was diagnosed with thrombocythemia, a rare bone marrow disease, which resulted in both her legs being amputated. Despite all the odds, Tyrrell continued to act, appearing in such projects as Masked and Anonymous and Kid Thing, further proving what an incredible woman she really was.

RIP Tyrrell — you will be missed.

[Photo credit: Susantyrrell.com]


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