Feodor Atkine


Actor (70)

Dans la cour 2014 (Movie)


La French 2014 (Movie)

Gaston Deferre (Actor)

Rosemary's Baby 2014 (Tv Show)


Les beaux jours 2013 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Strike Back 2012 (Tv Show)


The Silence Before Bach 2008 (Movie)

Piano Salesman (Actor)

Hypnos 2004 (Movie)

Dr. Sanchez Blanc (Actor)

Red Sunset 2004 (Movie)

David (Actor)

The Squatter 2004 (Movie)


Carnage 2003 (Movie)

Paco (Actor)

Ce Jour-la 2002 (Movie)


Semana Santa 2002 (Movie)

Torillo (Actor)

Code Unknown 2001 (Movie)

Taxi Customer (Actor)

La Isla del Holandes 2000 (Movie)

Patrice (Actor)

Le Sens des affaires 2000 (Movie)

Jean-Francois de Roquemorel (Actor)

Spy Games 2000 (Movie)


The Dancer 2000 (Movie)

Oscar (Actor)

Vatel 2000 (Movie)

Alcalet (Actor)

Du Bleu jusqu'en Amerique 1999 (Movie)


Un Pur moment de rock 'n' roll 1999 (Movie)


A Vote For Dizzy 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


Dormez, je le veux 1998 (Movie)


Ronin 1998 (Movie)

Mikhi (Actor)

Michael Kael vs. The World News Company 1997 (Movie)

Major Sylvain (Actor)

Au petit Marguery 1996 (Movie)


Doctor Chance 1996 (Movie)


The Thousand Wonders of the Universe 1996 (Movie)

Purpur (Actor)

Three Lives and Only One Death 1996 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Alfred 1995 (Movie)

Paul Barbe (Actor)

Sharpe II 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Habiba M'sika or the Dance of Fire 1994 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Sarraounia 1994 (Movie)

Captain Chanoine (Actor)

A Shadow of a Doubt 1993 (Movie)

1st Therapist (Actor)

Mutant Action 1993 (Movie)


The Milky Life 1992 (Movie)

Bruno (Actor)

Ville a Vendre 1992 (Movie)

Picoud (Actor)

High Heels 1991 (Movie)

Manuel (Actor)

La Note bleue 1991 (Movie)

Eugene Delacroix--age 48 (Actor)

Angels 1990 (Movie)

Hugo (Actor)

Henry & June 1990 (Movie)

Spanish Dance Instructor (Actor)

The Party: Nature Morte 1990 (Movie)

Black (Actor)

Vincent & Theo 1990 (Movie)

Dr Peyron (Actor)

Estacion Central 1989 (Movie)

Alex (Actor)

Jour apres jour 1989 (Movie)


El Dorado 1988 (Movie)

Montoya (Actor)

Le Moine et la sorciere 1988 (Movie)

The Count (Actor)

Ne reveillez pas un flic qui dort 1988 (Movie)


Neon Man 1988 (Movie)

David (Actor)

Les Oreilles entre les dents 1987 (Movie)

Dancourt (Actor)

Picasso: un Film 1986 (Movie)


Sins 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Suivez mon regard 1986 (Movie)


Lola 1985 (Movie)

Mario (Actor)

Werther 1985 (Movie)

Alberto (Actor)

Leave All Fair 1984 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Ave Maria 1983 (Movie)


Enigma 1983 (Movie)


Pauline at the Beach 1983 (Movie)

Henry (Actor)

A Good Marriage 1981 (Movie)


Bete mais discipline 1978 (Movie)

Othello (Actor)

Charles et Lucie 1978 (Movie)

Mad Killer (Actor)

La Guerre des Policiers 1978 (Movie)

Mannekian (Actor)

Ogro 1978 (Movie)

Txikia (Actor)

Bobby Deerfield 1977 (Movie)

Tommy (Actor)

Love and Death 1975 (Movie)

Mikhail (Actor)

Les Conquistadores 1974 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Trompe L'oeil 1974 (Movie)

Bird Man (Actor)

Le Monde etait plein de couleurs 1972 (Movie)

Antoine (Actor)

Lace (TV Show)